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More Data, Earlier: The Value of Incorporating Data and Analytics in Claims Handling

Sponsor: LexisNexis

Access this white paper and learn how integrating third-party data and analytics into the claims lifecycle can help you achieve competitive differentiation and increase profitability - through greater efficiency, reduced costs and increased customer satisfaction.


7 Imperatives Why the Insurance Industry Must Move to SAAS

Sponsor: Oceanwide

For property and casualty (P&C) insurance carriers, growth is hard-fought in an environment of compressed margins, regulatory scrutiny, increased competition and customer expectations for anywhere/anytime service. Add unsteady economic conditions, low interest rates that decrease investment income, and catastrophic losses from significant events such as Hurricane Sandy into the mix, and insurers are finding that their tried-and-true business methodologies that worked well pre-2008 are in desperate need of a face lift.


Annual DDoS Attacks and Impact Report - The Danger Deepens

Sponsor: Neustar Information Services

For the third consecutive year, Neustar surveyed hundreds of companies on distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. Neustar's survey reveals evidence that the DDoS attack landscape is changing – from the perception of DDoS and the cost of DDoS attacks to the types of DDoS protection in place.

Download the full report for the latest insight into how DDoS attacks have evolved in both strategy and tactics, including:

  • The number of companies attacked is up, but attack duration is down;
  • Larger attacks are more common, but most attacks are still less than 1 Gbps;
  • More than half of attacked companies reported theft of funds, data or intellectual property.

Five Keys to Marketing Analytics Excellence

Sponsor: SAS

This paper outlines ways marketers can use analytics to improve their chances of success by building a solid measurement plan that lets you define and measure diagnostic metrics. From defining success to targeting your audience to reporting your results, you’ll discover how your customer intelligence platform can align the customer journey with your marketing systems and processes.


Data: The Foundation of High Performance Claims Handling

Sponsor: Trillium Software

In a newly published white paper, independent research firm Aite Group states that insurance companies can save approximately 15% of loss costs and LAE by more effectively using technology. Critical to this cost reduction is utilizing innovative technology to analyze the full universe of claims data – especially unstructured data in free-form text and scanned documents. This provides greater insight into how every dollar is being spent so that insurance companies can minimize wasteful activities that do not improve claims outcomes.


7 Things You Need to Know About Distribution Modernization for Revenue Growth

Sponsor: VUE Software

Often outdated technology consisting of an assortment of homegrown and legacy applications — along with various disparate databases — is at the root of the issue. Insurers have difficulty modernizing such an infrastructure with the capabilities they have, so the efficiencies inherent in automation cannot be realized. As a result, an organization fails to maximize profits. In this White Paper, you will learn that is not so much about the age of your systems, but whether said systems are able to keep pace with new revenue goals and their capacity to provide a true competitive value.


Data Breach and DDoS: Security in a Faster Forward World

Sponsor: Akamai

This white paper provides new information on:

  • Defending against direct-to-origin, network-layer, and application layer DDoS attacks
  • Defending against data theft
  • How platform architecture can help to identify and mitigate brand new attack types
  • Integrating into a layered security ecosystem



More than Hype—Determining When to Use Responsive Web Design, by Forrester Research

Sponsor: Akamai

Understand how to create a more flexible core web architecture for great experiences on any type of device, with minimal resources. In this research paper you will learn: 

  • When it makes sense and when it doesn’t
  • How it improves the Mobile experience
  • What leading Responsive Web Design adherents are doing right



Forrester - Twelve Recommendations for Your Security Program in 2014

Sponsor: IBM

Learn why (and how) the role of security and risk professionals today goes way beyond compliance into overall business success. They’re integral not only to technology management, but also to securing the mobile experience, turning big data into actionable insight and influencing the evolving mindset of their team.


Forrester - Big Data In Fraud Management: Variety Leads To Value And Improved Customer Experience

Sponsor: IBM

Mining the huge volume and variety of data companies collect can yield meaningful insight, often leading to better, more-rapid decisions and better business outcomes. This report examines how security and risk (S&R) professionals use (and will use) big data to increase the effectiveness of fraud management while actually improving customer experience.


Gartner - Innovation Insight: Innovation Drives Seven Dimensions of Context-Aware Enterprise Security Systems

Sponsor: IBM

Context ­aware computing improves enterprise security systems by bringing relevant suspect events into focus and eliminating distracting noise. Using seven dimensions of context­ aware computing can mitigate damage from largely invisible security threats.


Forrester - Prevent Insurance Crime With The Four Cornerstones Of Better Fraud Management

Sponsor: IBM

Insurers already possess a lucrative fraud fighter: data. Better measurement, improved predictive analytics and business intelligence strategies provide a fraud early warning system, but the resourcefulness of financial criminals means that SIU teams must continuously improve detection and deflection strategies. Learn how in this report.


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