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Building a Customer-Centric Insurance Company

Sponsor: Pitney Bowes Business Insight Group

Ecommerce has disrupted the insurance industry’s long-standing, policy-centric business model. Next-generation insurers will need to become consumer centric if they want to thrive in this evolving marketplace.

Download this white paper to learn about unlocking silo'ed data, delivering targeted communications through member-preferred channels and leveraging location intelligence helps insurers increase policyholder engagement and lifetime value.


Disruption in the Employee Benefits Market: An Opportunity for Enterprise Change?

The intersection of changing regulation, employer cost pressures, and the rise of consumerism is creating disruption in the employee benefits market, a market that has traditionally been both operationally complex and relatively resistant to change compared to other segments of the insurance market. With benefits insurers squarely focused on delivering innovative new products and leveraging new distribution channels, this disruption is putting immense pressure on back office processes and systems, resulting in a very real concern that insurers will be unable to service what they sell with good standards of customer service.

Could this disruption serve as a catalyst for creating real enterprise transformation, beginning with process and technology change in the back office?


E-Signatures — A Few Simple Best Practices Drive Adoption

Sponsor: Silanis

Digitizing your business requires eliminating paper. A good start is to remove any requirements for “wet signatures” from your processes — and many organizations are. Electronic signatures (e-signatures), driven by simpler, more accessible, and cheaper smartphones, tablets, and touchscreen computers, are frequent topics of Forrester client inquiries. Yet poor implementation practices, regulatory hurdles, and compliance concerns still hinder adoption.

This report highlights use cases that reveal emerging best practices that help enterprise architects drive adoption for their business partners.


Teradata 2015 Global Data-Driven Marketing Survey: Progressing Toward True Individualization

Sponsor: Teradata

With competition for customers at an all-time high, marketers have recognized the need to focus in on which customers need what message and what time. The investment in data-driven marketing is critical to remaining competitive in the insurance marketplace. According to a new CMO survey, 90% of marketers see personalized marketing as the key to log-term success. Read more on what CMOs say about data and how it can drive sales by downloading the latest global study from Teradata.


Celent case study, Linking Predictive Analytics and Underwriting at Freedom Specialty Insurance Company

Sponsor: SAS

This Celent case study explores how an insurer built, refined and sustained its revolutionary analytic underwriting platform. Topics include the technology, process and people needed to pull it off, as well as lessons you can use to see the benefits of analytics in your underwriting operations.


Decision-Driven Marketing: Maximizing customer engagement

Sponsor: SAS

This paper explains why effective customer engagement today requires real-time marketing with real-time decision management capabilities. It also highlights the many benefits of decision-driven marketing, such as improved acquisition and retention rates, reduced overall sales and service costs, and higher conversion rates.


Coalition Against Insurance Fraud research,
The State of Insurance Fraud Technology

Sponsor: SAS

The Coalition Against Insurance Fraud presents the findings of its research into insurers’ use of anti-fraud technology – and how it translates into more accurate pricing, competitive edge and lower premiums for policyholders. You’ll also get a good look at how your organization compares to the rest of the industry.


Smart Configuration

Sponsor: Oceanwide

Many policy administration systems claim to be easily configurable but only Smart Configuration gives carriers smart agility and ease of use. This eBook describes the three hallmarks of Smart Configuration; helps you to determine if your current system offers maximum configurability; and provides real-world examples of how Smart Configuration has helped carriers.


Tipping the Scales: Risks vs. Rewards of Policy Administration System Migration

Sponsor: Oracle

Recent research shows that insurers feel their current IT systems are hindering their efforts to achieve their business goals—including the ability to outpace competitors in delivering products to market, and improving the efficiency of customer service. In an effort to improve their performance, many insurers are making core system replacement a top priority. Find out how the balance has shifted, and why now is the time to make the case for core system replacement. 


Stand-Alone Rating Engine: Leading Force Behind Core Transformation Projects in the P&C Market

Sponsor: Oracle

P&C carriers continue to face a growing problem: how to provide more flexibility, improve speed to market for rate changes and new product introductions as well as find a way to increase revenue growth and profitability. While replacing their core legacy system might be the ultimate answer, an easier 'fix' is what many carriers are hoping to find. Download this white paper to learn more about how insurers can manage transformation risk.


Four Trends in Document Automation

Sponsor: Oracle

Insurance companies rely on enterprise document automation (EDA) to dynamically create, manage and deliver communications to their customers and stakeholders, when and how they want them. In this paper, you will learn about four trends in EDA that can help you improve customer satisfaction, reduce cost and drive efficiency.


Five Keys to Marketing Analytics Excellence

Sponsor: SAS

This paper outlines ways marketers can use analytics to improve their chances of success by building a solid measurement plan that lets you define and measure diagnostic metrics. From defining success to targeting your audience to reporting your results, you’ll discover how your customer intelligence platform can align the customer journey with your marketing systems and processes.


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