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Online Buyers Expectations for Insurance

Sponsor: Velocify

View this Whitepaper to learn what buyers expectations and preferences are for submitting online inquiries for the purchase of high-ticket products or services such as Insurance.


Insurers Building Trust By Protecting Consumers in the Digital Age

Sponsor: Experian

Experian® Partner Solutions partnered with The Aite Group, an independent research firm to conduct a research study that outlines the growing opportunity for insurance providers to extend protection offerings that safeguard consumers’ identity and credit profiles while driving loyalty and retention.

Key points in the paper include:

  • Habits and lifestyle of the digital consumer
  • Impact on the digital consumer as more personal information is at risk of exposure or theft
  • Emerging technology solutions that will continue to drive the need for protection

    Neustar 2013 Global Media Intelligence Report

    Sponsor: Neustar Information Services

    Get the media insights you need to improve your marketing performance in 2014 – based on a full year’s data from 61 billion ad impressions. The Neustar 2013 Global Media Intelligence Report delivers authoritative performance data vital to advertisers.

    Learn the industry’s latest on:

    • How digital channels compare for cost, reach, quality of users, and upper-funnel contributions to conversions
    • Performance trends and results for mobile campaigns and video networks
    • How online ads influence online and offline conversions – including which channels are most effective

      Meeting the Expectations of the Mobile Customer

      Sponsor: Tealeaf, an IBM company

      In March 2013, IBM held a Customer Experience Management (CEM) Masterclass to explore customer experience in the omnichannel world. The CEM Masterclass, which took place in London, featured presentations by companies such as Forrester Research and LV= Insurance, in addition to IBM’s mobile CEM expert, Bill Loller.

      A range of topics were covered, including IBM Tealeaf CEM solutions for improving the customer experience, the need for business transformation to meet changing customer expectations, as well as the latest trends and practices in mobile.

      The following whitepaper seeks to explore these topics further, while examining the mobile strategies behind three businesses, LV= Insurance, Santander UK and Rock Insurance, who each attended the CEM Masterclass and shared their differing approaches to creating a consistent customer experience, along with their plans for mobile in the year ahead.


      Five Steps to Building an Online Customer Experience Competency

      Sponsor: Tealeaf, an IBM company

      A recently published Forrester Research report highlights how customer experience is one of the most vital areas for online businesses. Nearly all customer experience decision-makers (93 percent) say that a good customer experience is one of their top strategic priorities, and 75 percent say they want to use customer experience as a competitive differentiator.

      IBM Tealeaf solutions are designed to help you succeed in your online customer experience efforts. With this goal in mind, we would like to share five steps you can take to establish an online customer experience competency within your organization.


      The Future of Disability Claims Management

      Sponsor: FINEOS

      This whitepaper outlines the changes in the disability insurance market from both a medical and a technical perspective, and highlights the key areas of opportunity for insurers today and in the near term.


      Four Trends in Document Automation

      Sponsor: Oracle

      Insurance companies rely on enterprise document automation (EDA) to dynamically create, manage and deliver communications to their customers and stakeholders, when and how they want them. In this paper, you will learn about four trends in EDA that can help you improve customer satisfaction, reduce cost and drive efficiency.


      Staying Competitive Through Healthcare Reform: How Billing Can Help

      Sponsor: Oracle

      As healthcare payers prepare for an undefined future, they can benefit by looking at their technology infrastructure and IT systems, and examining how well these systems can support change.

      Healthcare payers can leverage technology to provide the flexibility and agility they need to manage change, without even knowing what that change will be. In particular, a modern, rules-based billing system can help payers be ready to support new market segments, products, services and regulations as reform continues to evolve.

      Learn more about how to manage the uncertainty around reform, and how billing can help.


      Core Systems Modernization: Harnessing the Power of Rules-Based Policy Administration

      Sponsor: Oracle

      Facing ever-changing market demands, life insurance and annuity carriers must continue to adapt their product portfolios—and business processes—as regulations, industry, and consumer needs change. To overcome these challenges, many carriers are making the move to rules-based policy administration systems.

      In order to shorten the time required for a core transformation project, insurers can accelerate key phases of the project—namely, requirements gathering and integration—through the use of process models and configuration reference guides.

      Learn how to accelerate the transformation and drive faster time to value.


      Potential Unlocked: Improving Revenue and Customer Experience in Financial Services

      Sponsor: Informatica

      Knowing more about a customer’s relationship with your financial services company is key for growth. Discover how emerging data tools can help you improve customer centricity and find new revenue opportunities, unlocking the value of customer information.


      Optimizing Insurance Distribution and Producer Compensation

      Sponsor: Varicent, an IBM company

      Insurance organizations traditionally struggle to effectively optimize their distribution and compensation programs. And it’s not for lack of trying. Many are searching ways to improve efficiencies or increase the effectiveness of the organization to gain competitive advantages in the market, reduce costs, and recognize revenue. The right technology can encourage higher output and align incentives with growth-related goals.


      AAA NCNU Gets Sales Performance Back on the Road

      Sponsor: Varicent, an IBM company

      The AAA NCNU implemented IBM® Cognos® Incentive Compensation Management – dramatically accelerating its compensation calculations and enabling the compensation team to manage and update plans without external support.


      Insurer Achieves Efficient Claims Closure & Increases Market Share

      Sponsor: Systema Software

      Workflow management can intrinsically boost your claims-handling performance. In this case study, find out how auto insurer SaxonMG used SIMS Claims to re-engineer its workflow. As a result, SaxonMG eliminated paper-based operations, empowered staff to achieve an efficient claims closure rate, enhanced customer service, and tripled its market share to become the second largest auto insurer in the Cayman Islands.


      Building a Strategic Analytic Culture

      Sponsor: SAS

      This white paper describes the five key stages of creating an analytics culture that promotes balance between profitability, competitive pricing and responsive customer service. Read about how one organization used predictive risk models to prevent millions of dollars in potential losses.



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