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Automating incentive compensation for increased productivity and cost reduction

With Cognos ICM, eliminate manual number crunching and spreadsheet confusion.


Strategic Issues in Insurance Distribution Management

Celent conducted an online survey of 11 insurance carriers in April 2015. The goal of the survey was to understand how the carriers are organized to manage the distribution channel, what types of techniques they use, and what challenges they face.


Build for growth: Master the ICM advantage in telecommunications

Build for growth: Master the ICM advantage in telecommunications - How effective incentive compensation management is critical to fueling growth. An IBM Whitepaper explaining the criticalness of effective incentive compensation management (ICM) in fueling growth in telecommunications industry. Learn about recent trends and challenges in telecommunications, impact of ICM, key criteria for ICM partners and benefits of ICM.


Time for an IT Check Up: Preventive IT Care Supports a Healthy Future for Medicare Advantage Plans

There is no question that the changes posed by the Accountable Care Act (ACA) will present major risk for many Medicare Advantage (MA) plans. However, the new era also stands to create opportunities for forward-thinking organizations that prepare carefully. In this white paper, “Time for an IT Check Up for Medicare Advantage Plans: Preventive IT Care Supports a Healthy Future for Medicare Advantage Plans,” we review a checklist MA plans should consider to successfully navigate changes under the ACA.


Navigating Alternative Provider Reimbursement Models of the Future

In this white paper, we look at the operational challenges posed by changes to provider reimbursement, how stakeholders are constructing compelling market offerings, and the new capabilities and systems that are required to support these changes.


Now is the time to design for digital

For many insurance carriers, the biggest obstacles to effective communications are the number of different authoring tools used across the organization and the variety of legacy systems that cannot support modern channels. Download this white paper and learn how insurance carriers are reducing costs and improving customer response times using an integrated multichannel communications platform.


Capturing hearts, minds and market share

As a general rule of thumb, the cost of acquiring new customers is four times that of retaining existing ones. To grow market share, insurers need new customers. But for the balance sheet, retention has a much larger impact.

For a long time, the insurance industry did not consider this a problem. In the highly asymmetrical pre-Internet world, there was a necessary gatekeeper to information and knowledge about risks and coverages: the insurance intermediary. For insurers,…


Magic Quadrant for Customer Communications Management Software

Executing a CCM strategy requires software applications that compose, personalize, format and output content acquired from various sources – and can be delivered in customer-preferred channels. CCM software solutions include a variety of core elements including a design tool, a composition engine and multichannel output capabilities. Prospective buyers need to be savvy when selecting a solution.

Download the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Customer Communications Management Software now to learn more about how HP Exstream and other providers can enable you to create, personalize and deliver communications to customers more effectively via any output channel -- mobile, email, SMS, websites, print.


Telematics for Insurance

Sponsor: IBM

IBM offers a comprehensive solutions portfolio that helps insurance companies integrate big data and analytics capabilities into their telematics strategy. The portfolio incorporates dozens of new patented technologies developed by IBM Research and builds on IBM Watson Foundations.


Advanced Data and Analytics for Property Casualty Insurance—the Cure for the Medical Provider Claims Fraud, Waste and Abuse Epidemic

Sponsor: LexisNexis

Many industry organizations estimate that fraud, waste, and abuse by medical providers cost the insurance industry hundreds of billions annually. It's a devastating epidemic that's gaining momentum. But now there's a prescription. 

In order to help insurers address the fraud problem, our claims experts have developed a white paper, Advanced Data and Analytics for Property Casualty Insurance—the Cure for the Medical Provider Claims Fraud, Waste and Abuse. Within, we examine how powerful new data analytics can empower insurance companies to detect, investigate, and deter potential fraud. 

By downloading this white paper, you will:

  • Understand why property casualty insurance carriers must move beyond the traditional "bill review" approach to address medical provider fraud, waste, and abuse
  • Discover a strategy to more effectively uncover and fight medical provider fraud



Using Underwriting to Drive Profitable Growth in Group Benefits


Competition within the group and voluntary benefits markets remains extremely fierce, leading insurers to look to technology for a competitive edge. Underwriting remains a key focus, as insurers of all sizes seek to grow more profitably.

A recent web seminar hosted by Insurance Networking News explored how an advanced underwriting desktop let underwriters respond to market changes with greater consistency and better pricing, while increasing customer satisfaction and retention.


Winning Strategies for Insurers:  How Industry Leaders are Excelling Outside the Comfort Zone

Sponsor: IBM

As the world changes around them, many insurers are struggling to be profitable. A combination of disruptive forces — some economic, some societal, some technological — is shaking up the insurance industry comfort zone. Yet some leading insurers manage to stay ahead of the pack, but how?


Digital Reinvention: Trust, Transparency and Technology in the Insurance World of Tomorrow

Sponsor: IBM

If insurers want to succeed in today's digital world, they need to create experiences and business models that are orchestrated, symbiotic, contextual and cognitive.


Harnessing the Power of Big Data and Analytics for Insurance 

Sponsor: IBM

Big data and analytics help insurance companies identify the next best action for customers. With the right solutions, companies can extract, integrate and analyze a large volume and variety of data, from call-center notes and voice recordings to web chats, telematics and social media.


Celent case study, Linking Predictive Analytics and Underwriting at Freedom Specialty Insurance Company

Sponsor: SAS

This Celent case study explores how an insurer built, refined and sustained its revolutionary analytic underwriting platform. Topics include the technology, process and people needed to pull it off, as well as lessons you can use to see the benefits of analytics in your underwriting operations.


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