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Differentiation in a World of Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum

Sponsor: Genesys

The customer experience you provide plays a more important role than ever before.  How do you differentiate and address consumer and member questions?

How you communicate is a competitive differentiator.

Genesys provides trends and insights on differentiating your members and increasing accessibilty to the information your members want.

There is a great opportunity for health insurance plans to develop innovative strategies to reach consumers attaining health insurance for the first time. It will be critical for plans to effectively engage these new consumers and assist them in making health care decisions. But in order to do this, health insurance plans will need to refine new enterprise-level expertise that focus on knowing consumer needs and segments, tailoring benefits, improved communications, personalizing the experience across channels and empowering the organization to deliver suitable plans.

Learn how to differentiate your offerings through superior customer service by:

  • Personalizing Customer Service
  • How to Reach Out Proactively
  • Supporting Members with Mobile Service Options
  • Work the Social Networks



Optimizing Insurance Distribution and Producer Compensation

Sponsor: IBM

Insurers seeking to boost growth via channel development have much to consider – and much to gain – with the right technology. Read the digital dialogue from the recent webinar hosted by Insurance Network News featuring insurance industry forward thinkers to learn how to optimize Insurance Distribution and Producer Compensation in a modern way. 

Learn more on:
- Some ways insurers are positioning for growth
- Challenges that insurers face in bolstering their distribution compensation program development efforts
- Best practices when it comes to managing the distribution channel and compensation


Producer Administration and Compensation Transformation

Sponsor: IBM

Insurance companies of all sizes and lines of business have invested heavily in policy administration and claims system transformations over the last several years. By transforming these aging systems, insurers are realizing benefits across multiple fronts, including faster time to market for new products, improved service, increased efficiency, and lower technology support costs.


AAA NCNU gets sales performance back on the road

Sponsor: IBM

The AAA NCNU implemented IBM® Cognos® Incentive Compensation Management, which dramatically accelerated its compensation calculations and enabled the compensation team to manage and update plans without external support. Read this case study to learn how to take a proactive, strategic approach to incentive compensation administration by accelerating compensation calculations, reducing workload and cutting development costs.


Ponemon Institute Research: How IT security is addressing threats to structured and unstructured data

Sponsor: Informatica

What scares IT security more than hackers?

This Ponemon Institute Research report answers that question and then some. In a survey of more than 1,500 IT practitioners from around the world, they reveal what’s worrying the people tasked with protecting the enterprise’s most sensitive data.

With the rise of the data-centric enterprise, there is a necessary and parallel development of the security architecture meant to protect it. But in the time it’s taken for data security to catch up with the changing datascape, organizations have found their compliance and data protection programs vulnerable.

Read ‘The State of Data-Centric Security’ report to find out about:

  • The twin fear of dark data and mobile platforms
  • How few IT practitioners know where their sensitive data is stored
  • The most popular technologies used to protect sensitive data
  • The automated solutions needed for IT to improve compliance and data protection

Read ‘The State of Data Centric Security’ report for illuminating insights into the security challenges facing the modern enterprise.


A Prescription for Member Loyalty

Sponsor: Genesys

Measuring member loyalty can be a daunting task. 

Members tend to remain loyal to those companies who continue to impress them with the value of the healthcare insurance, competitive premiums, and convenience. But the most important factor determining member loyalty is quality customer service.

Ask yourself these questions:

Do you have an omni-channel solution?

Are you using social media and mobile applications to proactively reach out to your members?

Do you have speech and text analytics to measure your members' satisfaction?

Learn more by downloading this whitepaper.  Genesys has solutions to help you. 


Life/ Health Insurance Innovation: Product, Offer and Model

Sponsor: FINEOS

“Insurance companies have five years to embark on business model refashioning; any longer and they risk severe talent shortages that will take the ability to proactively change out of their hands.” - David Smith Life and health insurers face perhaps some of the most significant changes of any insurance sector, partly due to the drastically changing nature of healthcare and healthcare technologies. Noted futurist and technologist, David Smith, outlines the technologies that are re-shaping the future of Life/Health insurance and gives some practical advice on how to take advantage of these technologies for real innovation. He leaves the reader with a set of questions to help them identify their own organization’s readiness for this imminent change.


Stay Flexible

Sponsor: Genesys

The long-term implications of ACA are still playing out.  The healthcare environment today is, in many ways, new to all of the participants – providers, insurers and members alike. The businesses that thrive will be those that are most attuned to the ongoing changes in the market and member needs, and can act most quickly to adapt.

Ask yourself these questions:

Can you track your member activity in real-time?
Do you track trends and changes?
Can you track workload outside the contact center?
Do you understand and analyze every conversation you have with
members or prospective members?
Have you considered how you can leverage a cloud solution?


Read the whitepaper to learn about the trends and how to be flexible and how to adapt quickly.


Strategies for Promoting Positive Healthcare Outcomes

Sponsor: Genesys

We have discussed claims, now we need to look at measuring patient-outcomes.
How do you transition from a reactive, on-demand model to outcome-focused? 
Solid Analytical Tools are needed to figure out what happened.  For example:

  • What was the outcome for the member? Was that outcome consistent with federal requirements and the brand promise?
  • What combination of technology and operational procedures are most effective? How effective are we at optimizing the self-service functionality and getting people to use it?
  • And where are the inefficiencies in service delivery that drive up costs?

A range of technologies is now available that can support innovative and effective strategies.  For example:

  • Mobile applications can be powerful enablers for lifestyle changes.
  • Cloud-based communications expand overall access to care by making location less important.
  • Automated workload management can help insurers set processes in place to reach the right person with the right information at the right time, at scale.

Learn more by downloading this whitepaper.


A Practical Guide to Information Governance for Financial Services

Sponsor: IronMountain

Organizations seeking to improve the security and management of their data now have access to a new blueprint for successful information governance. This framework defines the roles, policies, processes and metrics required to properly manage the lifecycle of information, including creation, storage, access, and disposal. Developed by a group of records and information management professionals in the financial services industry and published by Iron Mountain, A Practical Guide to Information Governance for Financial Services provides organizations with advice for creating and implementing the policies and processes needed to bring information governance to life to manage risk, satisfy compliance, and deliver bottom-line value from information.


CCM Best Practices for Insurers

Sponsor: Xpertdoc Technologies

Successful Customer Communications Management (CCM) relies on a combination of technology, organizational change and cross-departmental alignment. This white paper highlights five best practices to help insurers optimize their CCM investment. The result is deeper relationships that increase the customer lifetime value and positively impact the bottom line.


Legal & General takes a sophisticated approach to capital modelling

Sponsor: IBM

This case study looks at how Legal and General has turned the emerging risk-based solvency regulations requirement into an opportunity. Using IBM risk solutions, L&G is able to better manage capital and risk, enable better risk-enabled decision making, and support multiple types of risk modeling with a single standardized platform.


Improved decision-making and business insight using a holistic ALM solution

Sponsor: IBM

The white paper discusses the current issues in the ALM modeling space, proposes approaches and solutions to address these. The paper suggests that modeling of assets and liabilities needs to be holistic, based on a consistent approach, and that the modeling ideally be done on a common platform.


New threats. New thinking. A smarter approach to counter fraud

Sponsor: IBM

No matter what industry you’re in, three things are always top of mind. Risk, IT security and fraud. There’s a smarter approach to managing these sophisticated threats to the enterprise-and moving your organization from a reactive to proactive stance.


Industrialization of business operations in the insurance industry

Sponsor: Genpact

Many insurance organizations are grappling with an uncertain economic and investment environment, changing customer needs, and increasing regulatory scrutiny. They are seeking new ways to improve revenue, capital utilization, risk profile, and ultimately profitability all while controlling costs. This whitepaper discusses how Global Business Services (GBS) can serve as the cornerstone for any advanced target operating model and help firms orchestrate different sourcing structures to achieve financial and operational goals.


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