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CLABBY ANALYTICS IBM’s Smarter Counter Fraud Initiative: A Comprehensive, Unique and Aggressive Approach to Real-time Fraud Prevention

In this Research Report, Clabby Analytics takes a closer look at IBM’s new counter fraud management environment and consider the state of the fraud market today. Clabby explores the need for fraud prevention and advanced counter fraud management and describes how IBM’s Counter Fraud Management framework works.


4 Cornerstones of Better Fraud Management

Sponsor: IBM

Insurers already possess a lucrative fraud fighter: data. Better measurement, improved predictive analytics and business intelligence strategies provide a fraud early warning system, but the resourcefulness of financial criminals means that SIU teams must continuously improve detection and deflection strategies. Learn how in this report.


The Big, Big Data Workbook

Sponsor: Informatica

Few technology trends have earned the hype that big data has. Then again few technology trends have offered enterprises so much potential for transformation. Ever since software began to envelope whole business processes at the turn of the century it’s been clear: Data changes the way we work.

Or course with great hype comes great disillusionment. And in the case of big data, we’ve certainly seen both good advice and misinformation dished out in equal measure. Because the world of infinite data is still so new, all the noise has left a lot of people confused. This workbook aims to dispel that confusion. IT’s about bulletproofing your strategy and executing pragmatically. Whether you’re starting a localized, tactical initiative or planning a more foundational endeavor for the whole enterprise this book will serve as a practical guide on your big data journey.


Innovation Insight: Innovation Drives Seven Dimensions of Context-Aware Enterprise Security Systems

Sponsor: IBM

Context ­aware computing improves enterprise security systems by bringing relevant suspect events into focus and eliminating distracting noise. Using seven dimensions of context­ aware computing can mitigate damage from largely invisible security threats.


Big Data in Fraud Management

Sponsor: IBM

Mining the huge volume and variety of data companies collect can yield meaningful insight, often leading to better, more-rapid decisions and better business outcomes. This report examines how security and risk (S&R) professionals use (and will use) big data to increase the effectiveness of fraud management while actually improving customer experience.


IBM Smarter counter fraud: New threats. New thinking. A smarter approach to counter fraud

Sponsor: IBM

No matter what industry you’re in, three things are always top of mind. Risk, IT security and fraud. There’s a smarter approach to managing these sophisticated threats to the enterprise and moving your organization from a reactive to proactive stance.


Create a New Competitive Advantage

Sponsor: Altosoft

Achieving a competitive edge requires that you define and evolve your processes to maximize efforts on the most lucrative opportunities, manage time and costs and mitigate risk. This paper introduces you to process intelligence: a technology approach that monitors, analyzes and helps optimize your operational business processes to ensure compliance, eliminate risk and provide unprecedented insights to achieve operational excellence and maximize success.


Four Trends in Document Automation

Sponsor: Oracle

Insurance companies rely on enterprise document automation (EDA) to dynamically create, manage and deliver communications to their customers and stakeholders, when and how they want them. In this paper, you will learn about four trends in EDA that can help you improve customer satisfaction, reduce cost and drive efficiency.


Tipping the Scales: Risks vs. Rewards of Policy Administration System Migration

Sponsor: Oracle

Recent research shows that insurers feel their current IT systems are hindering their efforts to achieve their business goals—including the ability to outpace competitors in delivering products to market, and improving the efficiency of customer service. In an effort to improve their performance, many insurers are making core system replacement a top priority. Find out how the balance has shifted, and why now is the time to make the case for core system replacement. 


Stand-Alone Rating Engine: Leading Force Behind Core Transformation Projects in the P&C Market

Sponsor: Oracle

P&C carriers continue to face a growing problem: how to provide more flexibility, improve speed to market for rate changes and new product introductions as well as find a way to increase revenue growth and profitability. While replacing their core legacy system might be the ultimate answer, an easier 'fix' is what many carriers are hoping to find. Download this white paper to learn more about how insurers can manage transformation risk.


Case Study: Electric Insurance Increases Speed, Accuracy and Consistency of High-Risk Claims Identification

Sponsor: Trillium Software

When Electric Insurance was seeking faster data access to facilitate timely decision-making for high-risk claims management, the company turned to Trillium Software’s Claims Solution. Electric Insurance now has the ability to derive continuous actionable insights from their full universe of information, including free-form text, as claims files mature. The results are proactively delivered to claims personnel to help identify potential risks and make informed decisions to reduce costs and improve operational efficiency.

Please download the case study to learn more about how automating high risk claim identification enabled Electric Insurance to increase accuracy and complete critical claims processes in hours, not days.


A Practical Guide to Information Governance for Financial Services

Sponsor: IronMountain

Organizations seeking to improve the security and management of their data now have access to a new blueprint for successful information governance. This framework defines the roles, policies, processes and metrics required to properly manage the lifecycle of information, including creation, storage, access, and disposal. Developed by a group of records and information management professionals in the financial services industry and published by Iron Mountain, A Practical Guide to Information Governance for Financial Services provides organizations with advice for creating and implementing the policies and processes needed to bring information governance to life to manage risk, satisfy compliance, and deliver bottom-line value from information.


Industrialization of business operations in the insurance industry

Sponsor: Genpact

Many insurance organizations are grappling with an uncertain economic and investment environment, changing customer needs, and increasing regulatory scrutiny. They are seeking new ways to improve revenue, capital utilization, risk profile, and ultimately profitability all while controlling costs. This whitepaper discusses how Global Business Services (GBS) can serve as the cornerstone for any advanced target operating model and help firms orchestrate different sourcing structures to achieve financial and operational goals.


Celent case study, Linking Predictive Analytics and Underwriting at Freedom Specialty Insurance Company

Sponsor: SAS

This Celent case study explores how an insurer built, refined and sustained its revolutionary analytic underwriting platform. Topics include the technology, process and people needed to pull it off, as well as lessons you can use to see the benefits of analytics in your underwriting operations.


A Different Kind of P&C Policy Admin System

Sponsor: Adaptik

It’s no secret that most P&C policy administration systems can handle the simple stuff. Problem is, the insurance industry isn’t often simple. When you need to turn difficult-to-administer products and lines into opportunities for sustainable growth, you need a different kind of policy admin solution.

Download our new white paper to learn more about:

  • How a scalable, configurable policy admin system can help you turn complexity into opportunity
  • What "high performance" really means
  • The pros and cons of evolutionary and throwaway system prototyping
  • Common “Day 2″ issues with policy admin systems
  • Why comprehensive change controls are a “must-have” in a new system
  • Zero-code integration with external third-party and carrier systems
  • And much more!

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