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Insurance fraud & organized crime

This white paper talks about how organized criminals and lone fraudsters are continuously adapting to the ever-changing world we live in. Also in this white paper, you will learn about solutions for insurance fraud prevention and how it can prevent future fraud for both enterprise and industry-wide financial institutions.


Accelerate innovation

Disruptive new players are reinventing the marketplace. Competitors are finding smarter ways to create new products and faster pathways to bring innovation to consumers. Traditional tools and processes simply cannot keep pace in this more dynamic and agile environment.

For insurance, financial services, and other organizations, the solution is a more robust and automated engine for development-related rules and calculations.

Download this white paper to learn more.


Docusign for life carriers

Learn how to grow revenue, reduce overhead soft and hard overhead costs, and improve the customer experience for greater ROI.


The top 10 reasons why insurance companies choose DocuSign

The insurance industry generates nearly $2 trillion a year in revenue- yet still runs on paper-based processes.

Read the report and discover the top 10 reasons why Insurance Companies choose DocuSign for their Digital Transaction Management and eSignature solution. DocuSign is revolutionizing digital transaction management for all players in the insurance sector.


Docusign for p&c carriers

Learn how to grow revenue, reduce overhead soft and hard overhead costs, and improve the customer experience for greater ROI.


Celent: eSignatures for life insurance

Take a look at the research by Celent that examines the technology behind e-signature applications for life, health, and annuity insurance. This paper highlights various approaches and summarizes the market for e-signatures.


Ombud and DocuSign: How agile insurers are improving the bottom line

This Ombud report examines Insurance industry trends and demonstrates how embracing eSignature streamlines key interactions within the insurance ecosystem.


DocuSign for insurance agents and brokers

Learn how your agency can reduce costs for cumbersome paper processes, grow revenue, reduce E&O, and reduce incomplete forms.


Engaging Insurance Customers: Optimizing Interactions Across the Lifecycle

Engaging customers has become a top strategic initiative for insurers. In fact, based on SMA research, customer experience and engagement was the number one strategic initiative for 2015, with 85% of North American insurers investing. That trend is likely to continue into 2016.


Emerging healthcare value-based payment models: The role of bundled payments

Read this white paper to examine the advantages and disadvantages of the Bundled Payments reimbursement model as well as the considerations for entering into these contracts with your providers.


Speeding insurance product development: Removing constraints through an adaptive systems approach

To meet their goals for growth and profitability - and to adapt to change - insurers need and adaptive policy administration system with rules-based product configuration tools that enable them to delivers speed, reliability and consistency, throughout the product development process.


Tipping the scales: Risks vs. rewards of policy administration system migration

Rules-based policy administration systems and an adaptive migration approach to conversions have tipped the scales in favor of migration. Moving to modern policy administration systems is the best way for companies to gain the flexibility they need to take advantage of rapidly changing market opportunities.


Cut through the web of insurance fraud with advanced analytics

Score and rescore claims using rules and multiple analytical fraud models as part of the business process to detect potential fraud earlier and avoid pay-and-chase situations. Download now to learn more.


1 + 1 = 3: The new math when countering fraud

Cyber criminals continue to come up with new and more potent fraud attempts, with no end in sight. As a result, enterprises must develop more sophisticated ways to thwart such attacks.

Download this white paper to learn more.


Case management in insurance: A focus on claims processing

Claims processing is regulated, complex, inefficient and risky. It requires highly-skilled examiners, tracking is difficult, innumerable rules must be followed, and efficiency is often sacrificed.

How can you can streamline, simplify and improve your organizationís claims process? A Dynamic Case Management (DCM) system provides an integrated and automated claims processing environment that can improve resolution time and customer satisfaction, while improving compliance and efficiency.

Download this white paper to discover how providing examiners with a flexible and enriched work environment can improve your organizationís efficiency, ensure compliance and maximize customer experience.


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