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Why Social Engineering Succeeds, and How to Stop It
Insurers fearful of security events must double down on staff training to deter easily preventable social engineering hacks, experts say. Read More »
The company found malware in its system before its 2014 breach, but wasn't able to clear it completely, allowing unauthorized access. Read More »
Information on more than a million customers may have been compromised in a June 2014 attack. Read More »
Largest reinsurer in the Middle East signs multi-year license for GEMS economic scenario generator. Read More »
Betsy Ward is expanding her role as chief enterprise risk officer to include chief actuary as Isadore Jermyn retires after 34 years with the insurer. Read More »
Brian Schrieber's many responsibilities include digital media and M&A. Read More »
Typical actuarial modeling environments incorporate many technical components beyond the calculation engines that perform projections.The effectiveness of the actuarial function depends, to a large extent, on how those components are linked. Read More »
Low yields on government bonds mean euro-area life insurance firms are suffering from more severe stress than they incurred in recent tests. Read More »
The U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services hasn’t yet put out final figures on the risk corridor program, S&P said. Read More »
Because insurance regulation rests primarily with states, the federal government can’t commit to fully implement international agreements on insurance regulation. Read More »
Industry groups sought legal protections that would encourage information sharing to help prevent increasingly damaging cyber-attacks. Read More »
The agreement combines IBM's knowledge of IT security with Swiss Re Corporate Solutions' underwriting experience, the companies said. Read More »
Property-and-casualty policy sales fell 2.9 percent in the first quarter, Zurich-based Ace said, driven partly by currency fluctuations and declines in the agriculture business. Read More »

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