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A Stanford Professor’s Quest to Fix Driverless Cars’ Major Flaw
Chris Gerdes is raising questions about ethical choices that must inevitably be programmed into the robotic minds expected one day soon to be driving along the nation’s highways. Read More »
SecurityScorecard will monitor cyber risk across the insurer's IT value chain. Read More »
Over the course of her 25-year career as a pension actuary, Peggy McDonald has seen the rise and fall of the traditional pension plan as the cornerstone of an employer’s retirement offering. Read More »
Cracas has been a champion of the power of predictive analytics not just in risk, but across the enterprise. Read More »
The dynamic energy industry has shaped this executive's leadership style and execution. Read More »
The insurer will be wound down because regulators found that it was likely to become financially insolvent. Read More »
A PwC report asserts that technology is both improving and introducing greater risk into insurers’ actuarial models. Read More »
Rochester, N.Y.-based Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield was hacked at least twice going back to 2013. Read More »
American International Group Inc. and Axis Capital Holdings Ltd. are among insurers for the company that owns AshleyMadison.com, the adultery website hacked in a breach that exposed more than 37 million users, people familiar with the policies said. Read More »
Economic growth has resulted in miles driven, accident frequency, and road fatalities returning or exceeding levels last seen in 2007. Growth in urban and suburban areas, more freight traffic, and more vehicles on the road overall have led to more complex mobility on U.S. roads indicating further lifts in auto claim frequency in the near future. Crash avoidance technologies, and growth in telecommuting and other non-vehicle commuting could counter accident frequency growth over time. Read More »
The takeover adds to a flurry of deals: Japan’s Sumitomo Life Insurance Co. and Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Co. agreed to buy U.S. firms in the past two months. Read More »
The Canadian insurer is allowing customers and advisors to opt for voice recognition over manual password entry in the contact center. Read More »
Managing reinsurance policies and claims with spreadsheet software is error-prone, slow and labor-intensive; regulatory compliance is difficult, and legitimate claims can slip through. Read More »

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