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Insurance Needs to Develop Cybersecurity Standards Now
The NAIC’s recent and startlingly rapid moves towards a cyber regulatory doctrine are evidence of the importance and vulnerability of cyberspace. Read More »
In a draft document, regulators propose 12 rights for policyholders around cybersecurity. Read More »
Adversaries are becoming more sophisticated not only in their approaches to launching attacks, but also in evading detection. Read More »
Updates aim to boost authentication while protecting the operating system and underlying PC from malware. Read More »
Mo Tooker will oversee underwriting across small commercial, middle market, large commercial and personal lines segments and will lead the development of the company’s underwriting approach for new markets and growth areas, The Hartford said. Read More »
Allen Reichman, 54, and three others scammed Oklahoma regulators in the $37.5 million leveraged buyout of Providence Property & Casualty Insurance Co., according to prosecutors. Read More »
The auto service, maintenance and repair technology company intends to introduce Identifix to international markets and roll it into the Digital Garage mobile app. Read More »
The NAIC Executive (EX) Committee recently established the Cybersecurity (EX) Task Force to act as a focus point for cybersecurity insurance regulatory activities. The message is clear: there will be regulatory pressure to do something around cybersecurity. Read More »
The Bank of England will issue its verdict in December on the models insurance companies use to quantify risk and determine capital requirements as the industry prepares for Solvency II. Read More »
With insurance carrier M&A activity spiking, INN contributors offer advice for technologists facing transition. Read More »
Having a set of vendor-specific questions and expectations can assist in selecting the best vendor for your company. Read More »
The companies' complementary, rather than competitive, risk management practices can leverage technology to get a clearer picture of risk for insurance carrier clients. Read More »
XL Catlin's newest breach response partners include computer forensics services providers and law firms. Read More »

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