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6 Trends Underneath the Surface of Insurance IT
We've seen “consumerization” continue to sweep through organizations, brushing aside the older ways of managing IT shops. Read More »
Industries such as technology, insurance, government, health, or energy will quickly become more connected to each other and the people of the world will collaborate in smart communities to capitalize on innovations. Read More »
The "device mesh?" "Adaptive security architecture?" We introduce insurers to 10 advancements shaking up the I.T. world Read More »
INN takes a look at change agents across insurance who are leading the initiatives that will shape the industry for the next decades. Read More »
The initiative is patterned after a similar strategy at John Hancock, its U.S. division. Read More »
Is your company located in one of INN's insurance technology hubs? Find out here. Read More »
Tim Ramza has a history working with tech startups on the life insurance giant's behalf. Read More »
American Modern Insurance takes INN through the building process on its two-story sample home outfitted with smart technology. Read More »
The analyst firm says that usage-based insurance is an elegant solution to ensure accurate cover in the ride-sharing economy. Read More »
It’s not just a question of connecting up a lot of devices. They have to be implemented to improve operations currently in use. Read More »
The life insurance company launched its LOFT -- Lab of Forward Thinking -- in July. Ace Moghimi, director of strategy and delivery, takes INN inside. Read More »
Accenture and Forrester research found insurers ramping up a spectrum of digital transformation initiatives. Read More »
The insurer is supporting Augury, which uses sensors to predict HVAC equipment breakdown. Read More »

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