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Manulife Opens New Innovation Lab in Singapore
The company expands its suite of Labs of Forward Thinking. Read More »
The goal is to fill more than 1,300 roles by the end of the year. Read More »
The market is pivoting away from proof-of-concept projects to scalable IoT deployments that are incorporating cloud, analytics, and security capabilities, says research. Read More »
Members will receive a free bilingual Garmin vivofit3 wearable to help track progress. Read More »
Aetna will subsidize Apple Watch purchases for its customers to support a suite of apps for the wearable device. Read More »
Authorities' hands-off approach likely won't stay for good, however, as regulators may seek to implement a pre-market approval system. Read More »
The pay-per-mile insurer has rolled out new claims and document management technology at the same time it announces acquisition and new funding round. Read More »
The company is opening its wearable-technology powered product to older customers. Read More »
Whatever a company’s stated purpose, well-designed end-to-end experiences are essential to bringing it to life operationally. Read More »
Next-gen technologies can be combined in several ways to deliver a top-notch digital experience, says Silicon Valley Insurance Accelerator CEO. Read More »
The traditional auto insurance model is being pressured by changes to automotive technology. Read More »
SMA has broken down 13 of the leading emerging technologies shaking up the insurance business and quantified the industry's progress on each. Read More »
The company cited its work on analytics, telematics and cyber risk as evidence that technology is having a transformative effect on insurance. Read More »

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