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Tech vs. Insurance Regulators: Toward a New Data Status Quo
For insurers, third-party data presents new opportunities, but regulators need to catch up, says Alyssa Pei, partner at A.T. Kearney. Read More »
Muni-bond insurer and tech provider intend to improve investors’ access to credit information. Read More »
For insurance companies that crave the cost structure and flexibility of the cloud, but fear security risks, private cloud models are enticing. Read More »
Barry Stowe previously was CEO of Prudential’s Asian division; he will relocate from Hong Kong and remains on the board. Read More »
What is a maturing technology? As recently as two years ago, many considered mobile, social, cloud, and analytics to be “next-gen” technologies; today they are considered to be maturing. Read More »
Insurers are using data on customer habits to analyze risks and set prices; records also could be valuable to advertisers who want to know where potential customers travel and what hours they’re on the road. Read More »
Once it becomes socially normal to have a personal relationship with an artifical intelligence, insurers’ (and many other service industries’) sales and service processes will change dramatically Read More »
Understanding the benefits of outside-in thinking, insurers are finding ways to leverage tech firms and other innovators. Read More »
The partnership is intended to offer the software company additional resources to develop its web-based software portal for independent financial advisors, John Hancock said. Read More »
The executive came up through the investments organization and now has responsibility for insurance and agency operations. Read More »
We see unmanned aircraft systems — commonly referred to as drones — as a way to mitigate the current safety challenges for our adjusters who at times can be at risk for accidents or injuries. Read More »
We now are seeing a resurgence of AI, a blending of machine learning, predictive modelling and cognitive computing along with self driving cars, which raises some rare and interesting opportunities. Read More »
I’m proud to announce the new is live and ready to provide a better experience for all our readers, on any platform you choose to interact with us. Read More »

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