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Insurance Staffing Reflects Changing Industry
Insurers of all sizes are being forced to recognize and act on one of the greatest opportunities to date: to attract, source, train, develop and retain workers with skills in advanced computing. Read More »
The venture capital firm’s Managing Partner Tom Hutton will also join Lemonade’s executive board. Read More »
Accenture research finds insurers not quite ready to incorporate emerging tech into their businesses, but carriers are not alone. Read More »
The insurer will mentor technology startups working on insurance problems. Read More »
KPMB and CB Insights revealed the top-invested insurance technology companies so far this year. Read More »
More funding is flowing into the insurtech sector compared to fintech as a whole, indicating insurers are increasing interested in new innovations. Read More »
Scrutiny around Autopilot is heightened in part because the federal government is drafting guidelines, expected to be released this summer, for automakers racing to bring fully self-driving cars to market. Read More »
The insurer is using a smartphone app to gather driving data. Read More »
The challenge for insurance IT managers is to sell their workplaces and companies as cutting-edge opportunities for IT professionals. Read More »
The company's plan to deploy self-driving cars in ride-hailing and ride-sharing fleets is similar to what General Motors aims to do with Lyft, while its scheduled start matches BMW’s timeframe. Read More »
Internet-connected cars and other everyday products have become the fastest-growing part of the U.S. wireless industry. Read More »
VR can be leveraged to learn, travel, educate, and share experiences with others. Read More »
The company's mobile app allows drone enthusiasts to buy coverage right before a flight starts. Read More »

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