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Women's Networking Dilemma
Women’s secret to success is in striking a balance between superior performance at work and the ability to network with influencers who can help you. Read More »
The insurers have agreed to co-produce a pilot project to achieve a blockchain proof of concept for inter-group retrocessions. Read More »
Blockchain, augmented reality, IoT and more poised to disrupt all businesses, including insurance, next year. Read More »
Insurance Networking News honors 10 executives using next-generation technologies and customer insight to grow their businesses Read More »
Reardon has created several think tanks at Hamilton Re to tackle issues like innovation and emerging risk. Read More »
Travelers' claim SVP Patrick Gee says that drones are helping the company be more efficient in processing claims after Hurricane Matthew. Read More »
Insurers' chief strategy officer Marik Brockman talks telematics, driverless cars, and working with insurtech startups. Read More »
Companies that don't find incumbents to partner with them face a tough road. Read More »
The Singapore-based carrier wholly owned by Liberty Mutual Insurance Group has announced a new telematics application for customers. Read More »
Despite flat IT budgets expected next year, companies dependent on digital innovation will find room to recruit and retain the best talent. Read More »
For the first time, we have tangible evidence that insurers and their business partners are willing to do more than “talk the talk” regarding their ability to become a true, innovation-driven industry. Read More »
The Munich Re subsidiary has bought Meshify outright, following a strategy of making investments in other IoT companies. Read More »
The challenge for insurance companies is that tech talent is a precious commodity, especially at a time when moving into the digital realm and exploiting data analytics is crucial to success. Read More »

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