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How Farmers Addresses the Changing Face of Risk
New technology puts the onus on insurers to create platforms that can ingest new business models, says Farmers Insurance head of product innovation Mariel Devesa. Read More »
Past insurance innovation strategies will not work in today’s digital age, according to USAA’s SVP of strategy and innovation Michael Merwarth. Read More »
Mobile carriers never made a move on big data, machine learning and IoT tools, says Esurance executive, meaning insurers can grasp the opportunity. Read More »
Security needs to be part of all application and data activities up and down enterprises. Read More »
My colleague, Maria Parker, and I recently hosted a webinar on the topic of Same Day Claims payments. It was a focused presentation and demonstration on this specific service offering that insurers should consider as they look to differentiate themselves from their competition today, and to simply keep pace in the very near future as all carriers catch up and begin offering this level of service. Read More »
INN entering second decade of honoring innovative, exemplary women leaders. Read More »
Chosen startups will receive funding, weekly mentor sessions with industry leaders, and opportunities for pilot projects. Read More »
'Smart toothbrush' maker Beam has launched an insurance product leveraging 'brush-driven underwriting.' Read More »
The German auto insurer will use data collected from IMS' DriveSync5 to reward drivers with discounts on premiums. Read More »
Accenture survey of more than 400 insurance executives finds an industry focused on the power of digital for customer acquisition and retention. Read More »
Only one-third of organizations are actively preparing for the negative impact IoT could have on their business, study finds. Read More »
Trov's mobile app allows consumers to turn on and off insurance coverage for items like laptops and bicycles. Read More »
We expect to see an increasing, widening gap between those insurers that have invested in the how of innovation and those that have not. Read More »

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