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The 10 Highest-Paying IT Jobs
Ten of the top 25 salaried jobs in America are in IT, according to Glassdoor research. Read More »
The company is the first Canadian insurer to sign on with the U.S. based startup incubator. Read More »
Strategy Meets Action research says new tech will change the risk landscape significantly. Read More »
The strategy remains a good way for newcomers to enter the market, but carriers must provide additional value propositions to the consumer, Novarica says. Read More »
The Streetwide Drivers Club app allows customers to earn rewards points toward gift cards on popular brands and receive premium discounts. Read More »
Opportunities arise for insurers to catch customers as Pokemon GO users wander into dangerous places. Read More »
In a world in which insurers are considering using wearables like FitBit to validate claims data, apps like Pokemon GO offer the same information in much greater detail. Read More »
Insurance carriers face threats from physical events, risks tied to liability and “transition risk" from adjusting to a lower-carbon economy, new study finds. Read More »
As part of a series looking at the top 5 claims challenges for insurers introduced in a previous, cunningly entitled blog: The Top 5 Claims Challenges for Life, Accident and Health Insurers this is the first of the set. This takes a closer look at the challenge of delivering a superior customer service and covers six imperatives for success. If you keep an eye out you can collect the whole series. Read More »
Carriers have different measures of success when working with startups, ranging from introducing staff to new technologies to forming strategic partnerships for financial return, according to Novarica. Read More »
IBM is also being courted by the Italian insurance telematics software company. Read More »
Demand for data professionals has waned in 2016, averaging only 100 new jobs per month, study finds. Read More »
McKinsey identifies innovators developing blockchain-based solutions to help insurers onboard customers, detect fraud, and more. Read More »

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