10 Best Auto Insurance Websites

The study assessed 20 insurers based on three categories: Browsing using menus, direct access/search and content.

The report noted an "overall poor performance of industry websites," relaying the top reasons for failure: Company-centric websites make browsing too difficult; content is missing, repeated and poorly worded; and site search doesn't work for typical tasks.

According to the report, consumers have less patience with poor websites due to a much broader experience of what is possible online. Therefore, insurers need to make sure their websites are providing customers with good content, when and where they want to access it.

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10. State Farm Auto Insurance 10. State Farm Auto Insurance

State Farm ranked seventh in terms of browsing experience and content, but failed to place in the top 10 for search.

9. Travelers 9. Travelers

Travelers' site ranked sixth in the search category, making up for its inability to place in the top 10 for browsing and content.

8. Amica 8. Amica

Placing fifth for its search engine, Amica's website also placed 10th in terms of browsing experience and ninth for its content.

7. Nationwide 7. Nationwide

Nationwide ranked sixth when it comes to content and seventh for search capabilities, but didn't make the ranking for its browsing experience.

6. Erie Insurance 6. Erie Insurance

Erie was noted for excellence in one category, placing third in terms of navigation. The company's website also placed ninth for search, fifth when it came to content.

The slideshow originally indicated that Erie was not in the top ten in content, we regret the error.

5. Progressive 5. Progressive

Progressive's site received mention for its Web content, for which it placed fourth. It also placed eighth for search and fifth for browsing.

4. Allstate 4. Allstate

Allstate's website, along with Erie, excelled in one particular area—search, where it ranked second. It placed eighth in terms of content and sixth in terms of browsing.


Placed third overall, GEICO's site ranked second in navigation, fourth for search and third for content.

2. Liberty Mutual 2. Liberty Mutual

Noted for having the best navigation of any site assessed, Liberty Mutual hung near the top in other categories as well—third for search and second for content.

1. Esurance 1. Esurance

This site was acknowledged for having the best content, "and somewhat surprisingly was the only site that offered a site search that consistently provided good results."

As well as achieving top marks in content and search, Esurance also placed fourth in terms of browsing.