12 Data Governance Gurus You Should be Following on Twitter

Aaron Zornes Aaron Zornes


Zornes is the chief research officer of the MDM Institute, as well as the chairman of the information-management.com’s MDM & Data Governance Summits. With nearly 40 years of industry experience, Aaron is considered by some to be the “godfather of MDM.”

Sunil Soares Sunil Soares


The founder and managing partner at Information Assets LLC, Soares has authored three data governance books and is a frequent writer and speaker at industry events. Previously the director of Information Governance at IBM, he has worked with clients across six countries and multiple industries.

Jim Harris Jim Harris


Harris is an independent consultant, speaker and freelance writer with more than 20 years of enterprise data management experience. An active tweeter, Jim shares relevant articles, insight and the occasional repurposed rock song lyric. His OCDQ Blog posts can be found here.

Gwen Thomas Gwen Thomas


Thomas is founder and president of the Data Governance Institute and is a frequent keynoter and presenter at symposiums, conferences, and training events around the world.

Kelle O’Neal Kelle O’Neal


Founder of First San Francisco Partners, O'Neal shares her insight on data governance on Twitter and is a frequent speaker at industry events, including information-management’s MDM & Data Governance Summit and DebTech International’s Data Governance Conference.

Alan David Duncan Alan David Duncan


Alan is the director of data governance at University of New South Wales. With more than 20 years of international experience in advisory, delivery and operational leadership, Alan tweets relevant articles and commentary on data governance.

Ken O’Connor Ken O’Connor


O'Connor is an independent consultant with more than 30 years of industry experience who specializes in data governance and management. Ken blogs at kenoconnordata.com.

Steve Sarsfield Steve Sarsfield


Author of “Data Governance Imperative,” Sarsfield is a project manager at Talend. A self-proclaimed “data geek,” he blogs at data-governance.blogspot.com.

Dan Power Dan Power


Dan is founder and president of Hub Solution Designs, Inc., a management and technology consulting firm specializing in master data management and data governance. Dan is a featured speaker at numerous industry conferences, Web seminars and vendor events.

John Ladley John Ladley


John is a consultant, speaker, published author and president of IMCue Solutions.

Paul Boal Paul Boal


Paul is the director of data management for Mercy, where his focus is data governance. He also is the president of the St. Louis chapter of TDWI as well as the president of the Information Systems Advisory Board.

David Loshin David Loshin


David is the president of consultancy Knowledge Integrity. The author of seven books, he is also a frequent speaker at vendor events, Web seminars and industry conferences, including TDWI World Conferences and Enterprise Data World.