11 Most Unusual Pet Insurance Claims of 2013

Ariel the Himalayan cat (San Rafael, Calif.)

Ariel the Himalayan cat (San Rafael, Calif.): Ariel's diminutive dimensions likely cost her one of her nine lives when she was trapped underneath her owners' garage door.

Chance the Labrador retriever (Clovis. Calif.)

Chance the Labrador retriever (Clovis. Calif.): Chance went for a closer view of his neighbor's livestock and was broadsided by an exuberant goat and sent crashing into the pen's fencing.

Dingo the mixed-breed dog (Denver, Colo.)

Dingo the mixed-breed dog (Denver, Colo.): Forty-eight-pound Dingo dined on two dozen uncooked bread dough rolls, causing yeast-related alcohol poisoning and landing him in the emergency animal hospital.

Luke the Labrador retriever (Emerald Isle, N.C.)

Luke the Labrador retriever (Emerald Isle, N.C.): Luke was taken to the emergency animal hospital for surgery to remove a golf ball that he accidentally swallowed while retrieving it in his backyard.

Macie the Labrador retriever (El Cajon, Calif.)

Macie the Labrador retriever (El Cajon, Calif.): Macie was out on a bike ride with her owner's son when the leash got caught on the front tire of the bicycle, causing it to run over and fracture the pup's rear left leg.

McQuire the mixed-breed dog (Boulder, Colo.)

McQuire the mixed-breed dog (Boulder, Colo.): Seemingly unafraid, McQuire went toe-to-toe with a 15-point buck. The deer dust-up ended with the daring dog getting knocked to the ground and rolled over three times.

Mocha the Bernese mountain dog (Barnegat, N.J.)

Mocha the Bernese mountain dog (Barnegat, N.J.): When her owner stopped short in a parking lot, Mocha was thrust forward from the passenger seat, cracking the car windshield.

Natasha the Siberian Forest cat (Oakland, Calif.)

Natasha the Siberian Forest cat (Oakland, Calif.): Natasha was treated for shock and hypothermia after her owner's roommate accidentally completed a wash cycle with the curious cat inside the machine.

Pippa the Siamese cat (Irvine, Calif.)

Pippa the Siamese cat (Irvine, Calif.): Pippa was rushed to the emergency animal hospital to treat the lacerations suffered when she got pinned behind her owners' refrigerator.

Ryder the Labrador retriever (Wilmington, Del.)

Ryder the Labrador retriever (Wilmington, Del.): Ryder enjoyed his dog chew too much and accidentally swallowed the object, sending him to the veterinarian to treat diarrhea and colitis.

Winnie the mixed-breed dog (Barnstable, Mass.)

Winnie the mixed-breed dog (Barnstable, Mass.): Winnie munched on a two-pound bag of frozen onion rings, which led to a turbulent tummy and a trip to the veterinarian for potential onion poisoning.

Veterinary Pet Insurance has released its 11 contenders for the most unusual claim of the year award.

In the past the distinction has gone to a dog that was stuck in a refrigerator and ate a Thanksgiving ham while waiting to be released; a Labrador retriever that ate a whole beehive; and an English bulldog that swallowed 15 baby pacifiers, a bottle cap and piece of a basketball.

The winner of VPI's Hambone Award receives $10,000. Pet claims still up for the prize date from July 2012 to June 2013.

Photos courtesy Fotolia