The Cost of Insurance Application Outsourcing - 9 Countries

As the demand for insurance-application outsourcing (AO) continues to grow, Everest Global Inc. research highlights the average annual cost of insurance-application outsourcing in nine countries from three different regions of the globe.

The demand for insurance-application outsourcing (AO) continues to grow. According to a December 2013 report from Everest Global Inc., a global consulting firm, the number of large, active insurance-application outsourcing contracts more than doubled in 2012.

In the report, Everest predicts the demand for insurance AO will remain strong, citing approximately 75 large deals worth a total of $7.6 billion coming up for renewal between 2012 and 2017.

What follows is a look at nine countries that many North American companies choose to provide AO services and their average annual cost.


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