8 Hot Tech Jobs for 2014

Research indicates that about 13 percent more employers are preparing to make a significant number of technical hires in 2014. Likewise, both Foote Partners LLC and Robert Half Technologies point to a hotter market for certain IT roles and an increase in salaries.

The predicted worldwide IT spending increase will translate into a robust job market for information technologists with the right set of skills. Dice Holdings, which runs the IT job site Dice.com, reports that a rising number of employers — about 13 percent more than in 2013 — are preparing to make a significant number of technical hires this year.
“Overall demand will be about the same in 2014,” reports David Foote, CEO of research firm Foote Partners LLC. “But sporadic skill shortages and an onslaught of new certifications will buoy the prospects and pay of professionals in key strategic roles. Professionals in operational roles are on the wrong side of IT and will continue to lose value.”
The researchers at Robert Half Technologies concur. In the recruiting firm’s 2014 Salary Guide for Technology Professionals, they note that “the market for certain technology professionals is especially hot, and top candidates may have multiple offers.”

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