7 Tech Trends Shaping Life/Health Insurers in 2014

Insurers will become more customer-centric this year, says Aite Group. Here's how.

Aite Group also identified three trends for P&C insurers. See what they are here.

1. Payers Crank Up Private Exchanges' Retail Focus 2. Health Benefit AccountGrowth Begets Mobile Payment Trials 3. ACH EFT Remittance Makes Way for Virtual B2B Cards
4. Life Insurers Prepare to Succeed With Private Healthcare Exchanges 5. Life Insurers Apply Lessons From Underwriting BPM to Claims BPM 6. Continued Low Interest Rates Accelerate Life Insurers' BPO Uptake 7. New Turnkey Asset Management Providers Spur Annuities Growth


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