11 Emerging Technology Trends for 2013

Asked what technology insurers will be talking about by the end of next year, analysts and consultants responded with an array of technology solutions—from customer experience management and analytics process maturity, to security and digital mailbox services—that are currently flying under the radar.

Martina Conlon, principal, Novarica

Underwriting desktops are poised to take a bigger role in P&C insurers’ application architectures. Few options exist in the vended solution marketplace, and several larger commercial carriers have built custom solutions.

Underwriter desktops deliver improved capabilities that range from new business and improved collaboration to automated rules application and simplified renewal entry and review. An underwriter desktop will often be integrated with a carrier’s rating engine, rating and predictive models, document repository, BI environment and other enterprise components, but ideally they provide an underwriter-specific view with the context that considers where they are in the underwriting process and the attributes of the submission they are working. Today, underwriters are typically too saddled with using many systems, websites, spreadsheets and manual processes to conduct business. Underwriting desktops offer a comprehensive platform to simplify the process and improve underwriting results.


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