11 Emerging Technology Trends for 2013

Asked what technology insurers will be talking about by the end of next year, analysts and consultants responded with an array of technology solutions—from customer experience management and analytics process maturity, to security and digital mailbox services—that are currently flying under the radar.

Ellen Carney, senior analyst, Forrester

A new distribution channel is emerging for auto and dwelling insurance. The face of a ritual that U.S. employees know so well, the annual open enrollment process, is going to change dramatically under healthcare reform. U.S. health plans are heads-down in planning for private exchanges (public exchanges are another story) and are thinking beyond the technical decisions to the customer experience for the exchange and the fact that they could sell other products and/or services on their private exchanges.

What are they thinking of? How about voluntary benefits such as supplemental life insurance as well as auto and dwelling insurance. But this new distribution point comes with a risk: How effectively will a health plan market auto and homeowner insurance?


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