11 Emerging Technology Trends for 2013

Asked what technology insurers will be talking about by the end of next year, analysts and consultants responded with an array of technology solutions—from customer experience management and analytics process maturity, to security and digital mailbox services—that are currently flying under the radar.

Gerald Shields, practice director, Robert E. Nolan Company

Some technologies that may see increased focus to exploit in 2013 range from mobile technology to SmartAgent technologies, which are small bot-type applications that communicate from some device in the field to the home base to gather information, make decisions or inform—e.g. the “black box” in cars that gathers information on driver activity that can be used to assist in underwriting or rating.

Lastly, analytics process maturity could be the answer for companies spending billions on analytics and BI tools and talent, but in too many cases, continue to struggle with capitalizing on the investment. Many of these companies are investing in process maturity assessments to better understand the changes that need to be made to gain the desired business value from BI and analytics.


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