10 Regulatory Figures to Watch in 2013

The new year has kicked off with several new appointments to regulatory bodies and several leaders speaking out. The following 10 people could influence big changes for the insurance industry in 2013.

Richard Cordray

It was a year ago that President Obama made a controversial recess appointment to install Richard Cordray to head the CFPB, and since that time, Cordray has moved quickly and quietly to build out the agency, including ramping up its enforcement of lenders and supervision of nonbanks. Since last year’s news that the Cordray-led Consumer Financial Protection Bureau wanted to crack down on force-placed insurers, the industry has been forced to pay more attention to the CFPB. But with only a year left in his tenure—barring an unexpected Senate confirmation of Cordray for the job—it’s unclear if Cordray will move even more aggressively in 2013. One potential factor is whether he plans to run for governor of Ohio, a move that could push Cordray to make an even bigger splash in his current post.

Photo courtesy CFPB


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