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People and Culture Critical to Analytics Success
Two separate recent studies on data analytics find that analytics is central to business strategy among leading organizations, and the focus on people is critical for that success. Read More »
Six IT students at four-year universities will be given the cash assistance. Read More »
James Gottshall formerly worked at Chubb. Read More »
The startup offers coverage for canceled flights based on several big data points. Read More »
While few efforts at an insurer are more complex or time consuming as a core system replacement, a major BI initiative will eventually touch all aspects of an organization. Read More »
The wholesaler's distributors will use the software to meet growth targets. Read More »
Many universities and technology vendor companies are doing something about making the field of data analytics more appealing, and offering more real-world exposure to the power of data and business intelligence. Read More »
Analysis of vehicle claims data for 2015 to date shows the rate at which vehicles are being totaled versus repaired has risen for the industry. Susanna Gotsch examines the factors driving this increase, and when can we expect to see it start to trend down. With more vehicles falling into the older ages, and with more vehicles with repair costs that reach higher percentages of the loss vehicle ACV due to either higher repair costs or more extensive damage to the vehicle overall, more vehicles overall are being totaled. The good news is that strong new vehicle sales are continuing to ramp up the share of vehicles on the road in the U.S. that are newer and where the value of the loss vehicle is higher and harder to reach from a repair cost perspective. While the hangover of older vehicles will continue to keep total loss frequency elevated in the near future, the good news is longer term as the fleet becomes newer it will begin to come down again. Read More »
Big data's hype is driving big business intelligence investment across the insurance industry. Novarica reports the top outlets for that spending. Read More »
In 2016, 5.5 million new things will get connected every day, and total connected things will reach 20.8 billion by 2020, the report says. Read More »
With IBM's acquisition of The Weather Company and its large insurance customer base, Watson analytics may be able to help assess weather risks days before things happen. Read More »
All three major big data submarkets—infrastructure, software and services—are expected to grow over the next five years, report says. Read More »
A few schools in Utah, Texas, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Colorado, and Southern California all graduated a higher share of MBAs who went into tech than Stanford's Graduate School of Business Read More »

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