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5 Key IT Spending Trends
Gartner earlier this month released its latest IT spending forecast. While overall global IT expenditures are projected to be flat this year, software was a bright spot. Read More »
Strategy Meets Action research says new tech will change the risk landscape significantly. Read More »
Study finds organizations struggle to extract meaningful business insights from data quickly. Read More »
More insurers are treating data, business intelligence and analytics as a functional area of the business, resulting in increased technology investments and staffing. Read More »
AI may not be a perfect fit for insurance companies, at least not yet. Read More »
An examination of the many stakeholders who are looking for information generated by smart cars. Read More »
New commercial shows a world without windstorms, traffic accidents, building fires, and emergencies -- and that State Farm and its agents will be in the lending, wealth accumulation, and retirement income businesses. Read More »
Demand for data professionals has waned in 2016, averaging only 100 new jobs per month, study finds. Read More »
A majority of the data management professionals report flowing bad data into their data stores, survey finds. Read More »
The insurance industry is known to be conservative when it comes to new technology paradigms, but may not be alone when it comes to data analytics. Read More »
Policyholders will always make questionable choices and exhibit unsafe behaviors, but insurers at least have a running start at reducing frequency or severity of loss. Read More »
Expert identifies best practices so insurers can get the analytics results they need. Read More »
A new wave of insurance startups is taking aim at the life insurance customer experience and benefits administration. Read More »

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