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The Rise and Fall (and Rise) of Artificial Intelligence
We now are seeing a resurgence of AI, a blending of machine learning, predictive modelling and cognitive computing along with self driving cars, which raises some rare and interesting opportunities. Read More »
Paige Vinall also leads e-commerce strategy as well as the delivery of projects and services that support the company’s technology efforts. Read More »
An onsite assessment and interviews will be used to compare security and incident-response capabilities, processes and tools with leading practices. Read More »
We strongly recommend tying all digital and mobile initiatives together under a “digital insurer” strategy. Read More »
A third of technology professionals say they are dissatisfied with their bonus checks, according to Greythorn research. Read More »
Insurance technology is a hot commodity and vendors are consolidating. It's as good a time as any for the industry to reflect on the best work. Read More »
Typical actuarial modeling environments incorporate many technical components beyond the calculation engines that perform projections.The effectiveness of the actuarial function depends, to a large extent, on how those components are linked. Read More »
Machine learning and artificial intelligence libraries are now getting robust enough to contribute meaningfully smart or learning bots into the mix that can do a bit more than rote button pressing and reading screens. Read More »
Technologies such as predictive analytics are not a slam-dunk. The business needs to decide exactly what kind of data matters, and how this may change day to day. Read More »
Building a data warehouse with a single data model that supports the whole business is notoriously difficult, with a success rate that drops as the amount of data and number of lines of business get larger Read More »
CEO Tom Wilson and other execs provide a window into how big insurers take digitalization front-and-center. Read More »
We are now entrenched in a digital revolution that is powered by these maturing and emerging technologies. Read More »
Research from the company finds that 31% of insurance companies are already using wearable technology to engage customers, and two-thirds expect broad adoption of the technology within two years. Read More »

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