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Google and Amazon Vie for Big Inroad Into Wall Street Data Trove
Technology giants are jumping at the chance to help build the storage for exchanges via their cloud services. Read More »
Despite their popularity, IoT devices present significant and unique security risks to consumers and businesses. Read More »
Strategy Meets Action and the Silicon Valley Insurance Accelerator offer guidance for insurers looking to refine their digital channel strategies. Read More »
The Canadian insurer partners with indico data solutions to better analyze unstructured financial data. Read More »
The workers' compensation insurer will use the software to provide its underwriters with better visibility into risk selection and pricing. Read More »
The U.K. auto insurer is eliminating manual processes and cracking down on avoidable phone communication with customers. Read More »
The agriculture insurer is looking for accounting and investment insight. Read More »
Job site Indeed has just released its report “Where are the Highest Paying Tech Jobs in the US?” which looks at best salary offers adjusted for the cost of living. Here are the top 15. Read More »
Arity hints at the insurer’s ambitions to create an added revenue stream by selling data and analytics knowledge, even to its competitors. Read More »
March saw the addition of 200 data-related jobs, and May accounted for 100. But those months were offset by a loss of 100 data jobs in January, a loss of 600 in April, and the latest number of 2,300 losses in July. Read More »
Natali Mohanty was VP of enterprise analytics for Chubb before coming to PURE. Read More »
PwC's comprehensive survey of 2,100 enterprises finds these data decisions top-of-mind. Read More »
Machine learning is the method of choice for developing software for natural language processing, speech recognition, computer vision and robot control, study finds. Read More »

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