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Virtual Tour: Sun Life's Big Data-Driven Profiling Tool
The tool is designed to help brokers and their clients understand the market for group insurance and match the right products to an employer. Read More »
Half of surveyed software developers don't feel they can work with the Internet of Things. Can insurers take the lead? Read More »
Experiment, but be careful of expensive, enterprise installations that are hard to extract later, and understand these types of projects can be more transient than other enterprise software. Read More »
Summer vacation is a great time to recharge your body -- and your mind. To achieve that latter goal, check out these 15 must-reads, which we culled from the Society for Information Management, plus faculty and administration members from the University of Maryland's Robert H. Smith School of Business. Here’s the lineup and a description of each tome. Read More »
A Novarica survey finds insurers excited about the potential for several big data pools to impact the underwriting process. Read More »
Each hurricane season puts CAT models to the test, with potentially billions of dollars riding on the accuracy of these models. The key to developing effective CAT modeled loss estimates is accurate, high-quality data. Read More »
Insurance technology vendors with telematics, analytics, and Internet of Things interests are increasingly linking up to provide more robust capabilities for carriers. Read More »
Health insurance companies are on the verge of a consolidation wave much like the pharmaceutical industry has been experiencing. Read More »
Insurance analytics provider and connected-car technology company endeavor to expand insurers’ use of risk scoring. Read More »
IT leaders are spending too much time down in the engine room, when they should be up on the bridge helping to steer the ship. Read More »
The insurer will implement the fraud detection system via cloud to accelerate implementation and contain costs. Read More »
Actian’s Matrix database now will power Air’s Touchstone, for faster processing times and lower IT costs, companies say. Read More »
Cyber crime is a broader problem that's not confined to tech companies and large corporations. The risks are very real for all companies. Read More »

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