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Florida Insurer American Integrity Hires New VP of IT
Victor Mandes, formerly of FCCI Insurance Group, will oversee the company’s business intelligence, decision support and IT operations. Read More »
The IT company will implement its infrastructure across RSA Insurance Group's European offices. Read More »
Helping to push this trend is the race to drive competitive advantage and improved efficiency through better use of information assets. Read More »
The use of efficient power management and energy harvesting technologies to help wearables run for longer periods will be vital to expanding the utility of the technology. Read More »
Data ‘leader’ organizations tend to invest in centers of excellence and really rotate that capability across the organization. Read More »
Enterprise architecture tends to be misunderstood and marginalized, but some insurance companies get it, and are leading examples for others. Read More »
Researchers John King and Roger Magoulas of O’Reilly Media recently presented their findings on what data professionals earn in the Data Science Salary Survey. Read More »
A new study by research-consulting firm Celent finds only 26 percent of insurance companies see social media as a trusted external customer data source. Read More »
Deloitte Consulting has just released its “2016 Deloitte Analytics Trends” report, detailing the six major analytics trends most likely to significantly impact your business in the coming year. Read More »
China's search leader thinks AI can "can help you identify all the patterns to help you reduce risk," says company president. Read More »
The server market is the segment that has seen the largest change since the previous quarter's forecast. Read More »
The agency will adopt Oceanwide's Bridge platform to manage its new Accountants Professional Liability Program made public last year Read More »
The report proposes four key policy questions that are drawn from research into the ways big data can present and prevent harm. Read More »

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