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5 Steps to Building a Secure Cloud Strategy
Corporate IT has lost the battle with shadow IT, and it’s time to embrace what that means for enterprises. Read More »
More than 80 percent of healthcare organizations have been compromised by cyber-attacks in past two years, according to KPMG. Read More »
Organizations are formalizing their use of big data and the capability should be core by 2019, Ovum reports. Read More »
While I've tried to articulate how some organizations get big data "right," it's frequently more compelling to explain how others seem to be getting it terribly "wrong." Read More »
How do industry experts view the development of the Internet of Things, and what would they change? Read More »
As insurance companies increasingly digitize their operations, reach out to customers via apps and online services, and employ big data analytics for everything from telematics to fraud prevention, any hiccups in software delivery may mean delays and losses. Read More »

These eight data governance design principles were shared by Angie Pribor of First San Francisco Partners during the MDM & Data Governance Summit in San Francisco last week.

 Read More »
Success in the future will depend on the capabilities we put in place to present an accurate map of what information resides where, and describes the actual quality level of that information. Read More »
Whether you're a student or a business professional looking to make a career change, Airbnb's Dave Holtz says there are eight core competencies you'll need to succeed in the field of data science. Read More »
Majesco, a provider of insurance software, consulting and services, has launched Majesco Business Analytics, which the company says was built on the foundation of the Cover-All BI. Majesco previously acquired Cover-All, creator of the business intelligence application. Read More »
Texas Mutual Insurance Company, provider of workers’ comp insurance, has selected Guidewire’s DataHub and InfoCenter to support its enterprise-wide data management and business intelligence strategies, Guidewire said. Read More »
Many insurers are looking to redesigning systems to better support analytics, but it may be better to develop them as separate sideline to be tested and merged into the organization when ready. Read More »
Organizations must build digital resilience to protect their most valuable information assets, says McKinsey. Read More »

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