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Smartwatches Raise IoT, Big Data Security Concerns
Smartwatches contain a range of security flaws, raising fresh concerns about wearable devices gathering and sharing big data and personal information across the Internet of Things (IoT), according to new research. Read More »
Insurer will implement Pixel, a competitive intelligence tool for P&C insurers, as well as Milliman's proprietary market baskets, Milliman said. Read More »
Ever since personal data was first discussed as having the potential for emerging as a new asset class at the World Economic Forum in 2011, capturing and incorporating personal data into the proposition design has been seen as a potential gold mine. Read More »
More than a dozen mergers and acquisitions in the reinsurance market, valued in the billions of dollars, have occurred in the last four months. Read More »
Most of these advanced capabilities are being driven by a combination of five elements: analytics, data, digital channels, modern applications and innovative business practices. Read More »
Jim Fults is responsible for the growth of all lines of insurance offered by ACE Private Risk Services. Read More »
Developers can benefit from proprietary analytical models, and insurers, consumers, wireless carriers, automotive businesses can access real-time information to enhance their experience or services, Zubie said. Read More »
Some investigators suspect the attacks were part of a sweeping campaign to create a database on Americans that could be used to obtain commercial and government secrets. Read More »
The tool is designed to help brokers and their clients understand the market for group insurance and match the right products to an employer. Read More »
Insurers clearly appreciate the greater insights into policyholder risk factors from connected cars and homes. Read More »
The company says its fingerprick tests are as accurate as those done with blood drawn from a vein, and cost a fraction of its competitors’. Read More »
The company’s Electronic Inspection Reports help them speed up the application process and improve the customer experience – using big data. Read More »
Sure, big data can be overwhelming. To help simplify the conversation within your organization, here are 10 priorities for big data management – care of TDWI Research. Read More »

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