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6 Insurance Systems Areas Seeing Upgrades
Novarica research reveals the capabilities insurers are looking to add to several key systems in order to meet modern customer demands. Read More »
The blockchain would reject multiple claims for one accident because the network would know that a claim had already been made, for example. Read More »
INN will bring you the latest insurance IT news and views from San Antonio during this year's IASA conference. Read More »
The company has partnered with PrecisionHawk for drone hardware and software. Read More »
After joining the P&C insurer in July, John Halberstadt will now head CIG's IT operations. Read More »
Majesco's platform for P&C will support the insurer's commercial package lines of business. Read More »
The new service allows customers to report claims online for several lines of business. Read More »
Legacy systems are no longer able to support the flexibility and time to market necessary to compete in today’s market, and insurers are taking action. Read More »
The insurer adopts ISI's Enterprise platform as part of its core systems transformation. Read More »
How can an insurer increase in agility, speed to market and flexibility while keeping the support and maintenance costs manageable? Read More »
EY will serve as the implementation partner for the core systems revamp. Read More »
Insurers have taken to drone technology quickly, but need regulators to catch up so deployment can accelerate. Read More »
Insurance is joining the digital revolution in a big way. But the costs of insurance back-office operations need to come down to open up the gates of innovation. Read More »

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