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Accenture Duck Creek Launches ISO Cyber Liability Coverage Options

IBM and Swiss Re Partner for Cyber Security

Why Underwriters Don't Like Predictive Analytics

Progressive CIO: Big Data's a Big Deal

Western National Turns to Valen for Underwriting Analytics

Featured Articles

Continuity and Context in 2014

By Matthew Josefowicz

Since last year, new skills and new thinking are more urgent than ever, even as budgets and technology needs remain static.

Best of the Year

By Chris McMahon

It's easy enough to tell what is wrong: broadly, the imperative to update legacy systems and become more easy to do business with, internally and externally, leveraging technology. And the answers are out there, in great abundance, even, as is the will to improve.

Underwriting Creeps Closer to the Top of IT Budget Priorities

By INN Editorial Staff

When it comes to underwriting systems, the majority of CIOs are looking to wrap or extend what they have over the next three years.

Underwriting Evolution or Revolution?

By Matthew Josefowicz

Underwriting is helping insurers improve accuracy and cycle times, but third-party data could have a profound impact on the industry.

Get Your Muda out of Underwriting

By Chris McMahon

It even sounds dauntingly technical: "automated underwriting." The phrase conjures visions of people who use the word "maths," engineers and actuarials, tinkering in some ivory tower. But among the first points made by each of those interviewed for our feature story is that automated underwriting, while clearly enabled by and dependent on the emergence of several technologies, is really about solving problems in workflow. The benefits being happier users and increased profitability. …

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