Policy Administration


Brovada Releases Connectivity Platform in U.S.

By Chris McMahon

Canadian technology vendor enables uploads and downloads on a single platform.

Sam’s Club Launches Health Insurance Exchange for Members

By Bob Violino

Aetna Marketplace for Sam’s Club provides small businesses with cost control and budget predictability

Insurers around the World Need to Transform Legacy Systems to Stay Successful

By Beth Bacheldor

Legacy systems are constraining insurers across the globe, but transformation—which varies in the different regions—is underway, according to a new report.

Specialty Core Systems from A to (Nearly) Z

By Peter Krass

Celent report compares policy administration systems supplied by everyone from Accenture to Xuber

StoneRiver Releases Policy Administration System Interface

By Jennifer Morrell

ID3 Accelerate is intended to improve operations while covering products from billing to claims.

Hope’s Triumph Over Experience

By Chris McMahon

The longer insurers wait to pursue a policy admin transformation project, the less likely it is that they will gain a competitive advantage with their upgrade.

Let’s Make a (Software) Deal

By INN Staff

Celent research indicates that deal volume between insurers and software vendors is up 47 percent in 2014 compared to last year.

Policy-Admin Systems: Transformation Strategies

By Martina Conlon

Policy admin is a core function for insurers, but firms have taken a variety of paths in their quest for maximum efficiency.

Reconstructing Policy Admin

By Chris McMahon

When it comes to business transformation, once is not enough.

AIG Selects Accenture Life & Annuity Software

By Chris McMahon

Accenture’s ALIP application is intended to help AIG accelerate new product introductions, reduce costs and prepare for growth.

The Motorists Insurance Group Selects Guidewire

By Jennifer Morrell

Motorists will use InsuranceSuite for underwriting, claims management, billing, and rating and policy administration.

American Family Partners with FAST

By Jennifer Morrell

New software will offer a core system for life insurance policy administration services.

Policy Admin Systems Still Confined to the Back Office

By Lenny Liebmann

For content management, analytics and other front-end functions, life insurers are choosing best of breed solutions over PAS, a new study by Celent reveals.

What Cognizant Gets from TriZetto

By Joseph Goedert

TriZetto is best known for its suite of payer software products including core transactions processing and care management systems.

Large Insurers' Dilemma: Build or Buy New Systems?

By Doug Bartholomew

Insurers are back in the market for policy administration systems, but what to buy?

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