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American Family Life Implements FAST

Northern Neck Insurance Picks ISCS

Sapiens to Acquire IBEXI

AMI Insurance Recognized as a Celent Model Insurer, Asia

Pennsylvania and Indiana Lumbermens Receive Celent Model Insurer Award

Featured Articles

Making Policy Admin Progress

By Carrie Burns

Research shows that P&C and life insurers are moving along in their quests for modern policy administration systems. But, with more activity comes more misconceptions.

Continuity and Context in 2014

By Matthew Josefowicz

Since last year, new skills and new thinking are more urgent than ever, even as budgets and technology needs remain static.

Policy Admin Systems: Ready for Pasture

By Denise Garth

Many legacy policy admin systems are diminishingly effective and negatively impacting competitiveness.

PAS Transformation: A Well-Calculated Risk

By Chris McMahon

Customer centricity requires that insurers open their systems and processes to new users, data sources and connectivity options, which have exposed the inadequacy of many legacy policy administration systems in a market newly driven by consumerization. Here's a look at how insurers are stacking the deck to ensure success.

The Core System Future Looks Bright

Not so long ago, there was plenty of vision but no template for how to interact with technology-enabled consumers, but it's getting better.

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