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Sapiens to Acquire IBEXI

Innovation Group Inks Deal with Deloitte for Core P&C Systems Implementations

Global Insurance BPO Market Expected to Grow 5.19 Percent Y-o-Y through 2018

Guidewire Grows PartnerConnect Alliance Program

Multi-State Turns to ProcessOne for Streamlined Payments

Featured Articles

IT Outsourcing: Finding a New Equilibrium

By Matthew Josefowicz

Outsourcing is an important tool for CIOs, but having access to a hammer doesn't make everything else a nail.

IT Outsourcing Hits a New Stride

By Joe Mckendrick

It's no longer just about cutting costs. With the rise of big data, analytics, self-service and other new technologies, insurers increasingly are turning to outside help for experience and expertise.

Managing and Strengthening Vendor Relationships

By Matthew Josefowicz

Conference season creates an opportunity to re-establish strategic ties, or shop for new ones.

Opportunistic Outsourcing

By Justin Stephani

It's up to insurers to spot developers who can push the boundaries of mobile capabilities and serve customers dynamic functionality.

Increasing Agility Through Blended Staffing

By Matthew Josefowicz

CIOs embracing outsourcing and blended staffing strategies must carefully evaluate their organization, partners and processes.

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