Data Management


What Cognizant Gets from TriZetto

By Joseph Goedert

TriZetto is best known for its suite of payer software products including core transactions processing and care management systems.

Progressive Selects BAE Systems Applied Intelligence Application

By Jennifer Morrell

NetReveal will be used to evaluate claims risk throughout the lifecycle, helping reduce fraud leakage on a pre-payment basis.

Big Data Gets Bigger Footprint

By Beth Bacheldor

More insurance companies are undertaking big data projects, especially in actuarial, product development, and underwriting.

Artificial intelligence meets the C-suite

By Rik Kirkland,

Technology is getting smarter, faster. Are you? Experts including the authors of The Second Machine Age, Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee, examine the impact that “thinking” machines may have on top-management roles.

How Much Do Data Breaches Cost? Two Studies Attempt a Tally

By Penny Crosman

The effects can reaching from the hit to companies' and individuals' reputations and careers, morale and stock value, to the heavy toll on the customer service, operations and technology teams.

Cloud Now Considered a Growth Driver for Banks and Insurers

By Bob Violino

Cloud can create efficiencies and protect their competitive position, according to survey by SAP and Ovum.

Success of Consumer-Based Apple iWatch Tied to Health Care Stakeholders

By Greg Slabodkin

To breakthrough wellness and fitness tracking functions, iWatch must garner partnerships with healthcare industry stakeholders including providers and health insurers.

Widespread Dissatisfaction with File Sync, Sharing Tools

By Bob Violino

Users are sticking with familiar consumer tools to share corporate documents and access them from mobile devices.

Information Security Spending to reach $71 Billion in 2014

By Bob Violino

Increasing adoption of mobile technology, cloud services, social media and information will drive use of new security technology and services through 2016.

Innovative Organizations Likely to have More Pervasive BI and Data Governance

By Bob Violino

Study from Dresner Advisory Services also identifies an inverse relationship between the size of an organization and innovation, with the smallest companies among the most innovative.

IVANS Releases ALIR Pro 2014

By Jennifer Morrell

New task management tools improve automobile liability insurance reporting for carriers through a declined export and submission report.

TIA Technology Releases Cloud Application for Business Analytics

By Jennifer Morrell

BI app is designed to support management, underwriters, sales managers, regulators and actuaries, and is intended to make metrics and decision factors 100-percent transparent, company says.

StoneRiver and 4Sight Announce Alliance

By Chrs McMahon

StoneRiver will act as a reseller; 4Sight capabilities include the ability to create and run ad-hoc reports, dashboards and scorecards and mine data to gain insight for better decisions, the companies said.

Big Data Technologies Essential for Internet of Things

By Bob Violino

With the volume and speed of data generation, big data technologies can help companies make business decisions and respond to market conditions quickly.

Getting the CMO and CIO to Work as Partners

By Matt Ariker, Martin Harrysson and Jesko Perrey

To turn new technologies into profits and growth, marketing and IT will need to change how they work—and how they work together.

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