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FBI Is Close to Finding Hackers in Anthem Health-Care Data Theft

Anthem Hack May Have Involved Millions Who Aren’t Customers

Underwriting: Where Insurance Data Really Pays Off

Guy Carpenter Appoints Head of International Analytics

Insurers Tackle Data Quality With Robust Management

Featured Articles

The New Experience - From CRM to CXM

By Chris McMahon

Customer experience management, unlike customer relationship management, offers measurable return on investment, as well as many opportunities for process improvements.

Are Consumers Willing to Disclose More Personal Information?

An Accenture survey finds that more and more customers are open to providing greater access to their personal data if it means more personalized products or better value.

A Numbers Game: Predictive Modeling and the Talent Challenge

By Chris McMahon

By casting a wide net and recruiting candidates based on skill rather than experience, Allstate's SVP of quantitative research and analytics Eric Huls, and many other insurers, are putting in the extra work to fill a shortage of predictive modeling talent.

Location, Location, Location

By Bob Violino

Geographic information services increasingly are being incorporated into claims processing to predict and prevent losses, speed customer care and better allocate resources.

Fraud Detection: A Method to the Data Source Madness

By Bob Violino

Insurers, including Nationwide, CNA and MetLife, are leveraging a growing number of data sources and applying high-performance analytics to help detect patterns of fraud as early as possible.

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