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California to Sell $350 Million of Earthquake Bonds: Muni Deals

Perspecsys Partners With ClaimVantage CEO lays out 2015 enrollment goals

AIG Bailout Architects Leave Questions for Executives to Answer

Bernanke Says He Didn’t Know Basis for AIG Bailout Loan Rate

Featured Articles

Top 5 Trends For 2014 - Regulation

By Carrie Burns

"Uncertainty" sums up the regulatory environment for insurers in all lines in 2014.

Data Standards: It's a New World

By Carrie Burns

Insurers venturing into new territories, both geographically and technologically, may need to pay closer attention to data standards.

PPACA and Health Insurance Exchange Revenue Assurance

By John Danza & Jordan Taggart

Profitability will depend on monitoring, automated reconciliation, proper administration and compliance.

5 Issues Driving Insurer IT Strategy in the Next 5 Years

By Matthew Josefowicz

Insurance IT leaders need a long-term vision that accounts for today's issues as well as for tomorrow's.

Hard Road to Success

By Carrie Burns

Insurers headed into the year set to face some of the industry's biggest challenges, most have overcome the obstacles, but not all.

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