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Featured Articles

The Case for an Incremental Approach

By Bill Kenealy, Senior Editor

Despite its ability to change the face of a company's IT infrastructure, the best approach to SOA implementation is incremental.

Solution Helps AEGON Transfer Files Globally

By Bill Kenealy

Instead of adding hardware to solve a file transfer problem, the carrier chose a diagnostic software solution.

Mashups: Not Just for Music Anymore

By Alex Vorro

Mashup applications, which enable divergent data sources, business processes and applications to be combined and streamlined, are on the rise and poised to change the insurance IT landscape.

Information is Power

By Michael Schroeck

Business intelligence constitutes relevant, accurate, timely information that can be used in an integrated fashion.

Many Taking a Stepped Approach toward STP

By Bob Mueller

It’s tempting to view STP implementation as an enterprise-scale undertaking, but the best approach may be step-by-step.

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