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Use of Wearable Devices in Healthcare Seen Rising Rapidly

Liazon teams with Cigna, Assurant Employee Benefits

What Are The 4 Types of Private Exchanges?

HP Releases Customer Communication Management Applications

Insurers Missing Opportunity with Renters

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Insurers Can Educate About Identity Theft

By Steve Christenson

Consumers look to insurers for identity theft information, which could ultimately lead to identity theft insurance purchases.

Customer Relationship Management: CRM Rises Again

By Bill Kenealy

Though customer relationship management has been hyped, then written off, carriers are finding new uses for the technology.

Consumers Will Abandon Problematic Web Sites

Insurance customers won't tolerate difficult navigation, endless loops that prevent transactions or other Web site challenges.

Scientific Approach Keeps Agency on the Fast Track

By Pat Speer

Adding metrics to customer touch points results in agency's ability to increase first-call closes and improve overall sales.

Online Marketing Tools: A Mixed Bag of Opportunities

By Carrie Burns

Insurers discover that mixing up online marketing strategies gets them the most bang for their buck.

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