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MetLife Defeats U.S. Government’s Too-Big-to-Fail Labeling

By Andrew Harris and Katherine Chiglinsky

The designation didn’t take into account the economic effect on the insurer, a district court judge said.

Health Insurers' Big Data Use Draws Scrutiny

By Jordan Robertson

Though pre-existing conditions can't be used to deny coverage, the use of prescription data is still widespread in the insurance industry, and privacy advocates are pushing back.

Big Insurance Mergers Threaten Competetition: AMA

By David McLaughlin

The market for health insurance in the U.S. is already so highly concentrated that pending tie-ups among four of the country’s largest insurers risk hurting both consumers and doctors, the American Medical Association said.

Cybersecurity: What Insurers Are Getting Right... Or Not

By Sharon Goldman

Industry experts share insurers' strengths and what still can be improved on the cybersecurity front.

Why Aflac’s CISO Went Into the Lab

By Nathan Golia

Tim Callahan, chief information security officer for Aflac, talks about the benefits of attending Deloitte’s one-day CISO Transition Lab.

TRIA to Expire December 31, Exposing Economic Risk in the Event of an Act of Terrorism

By Beth Bacheldor

Congress fails to reauthorize the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act before adjourning for the year, undoing a program for shared public and private compensation for insured losses resulting from acts of terrorism.

House Passes Bill to Ease Dodd-Frank Capital Rules for Insurers

By Cheyenne Hopkins

House unanimously passed the bill; insurers had lobbied for the change to the 2010 Dodd-Frank financial-regulation overhaul.

NFL With Developers Push for Congress Win on Terrorism Insurance

By Kathleen Hunter

Sports associations, along with insurers, developers, banks and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, say their businesses could be wiped out by a Sept. 11-style attack.

Bankers Push for Delay of Flood Insurance Premium Hikes

By Victoria Finkle

Senate Banking Committee will examine the effects of the Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Act of 2012, which eliminated grandfather clauses that prevented premiums from rising for some properties.

AIA Supports TRIA Reauthorization

By Justin Stephani

In comments submitted to the Presidents Working Group, the American Insurance Association says terrorism is an uninsurable risk and requires partnership with the government.

PCI Concerned about FSB’s Peer Review Report

By Justin Stephani

A new request for peer reviews from the global regulatory body groups insurers and banks together.

17 Health Insurers’ Rates Approved to Provide Coverage on New York’s Exchange

By Carrie Burns

Aetna, Empire BlueCross BlueShield and 15 other insurers set to participate in New York’s Health Benefits Exchange.

Health Insurers to Stay on the Path

By Carrie Burns

Delaying the health insurance employer mandate mostly affects employers, experts say; health insurers continue to focus on exchanges.

6 Takeaways From the FIO’s First Annual Report

By Justin Stephani

FIO emphasizes global responsibilities and opportunity for growth.

SAP Unveils Cloud-Based System To Track, Analyze ISO Circulars

By John McCormick

Product designed to enable carriers to track circular changes, plan for implementation and analyze their potential impact.

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