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NFL With Developers Push for Congress Win on Terrorism Insurance

Bankers Push for Delay of Flood Insurance Premium Hikes

AIA Supports TRIA Reauthorization

PCI Concerned about FSB’s Peer Review Report

17 Health Insurers’ Rates Approved to Provide Coverage on New York’s Exchange

Featured Articles

CFOs: SOX Compliance Costs Outweigh Benefits

A new survey indicates mixed reactions to the reporting law.

Legislation Altering the Insurance Landscape

Carriers can use technologies such as business process management to help navigate the regulatory maze.

Regulatory Overkill or Politics as Usual?

By Pat Speer, Editor-In-Chief

If overkill on the regulatory compliance front is an agreed-upon problem, what is the agreed-upon solution?

Federal Regulation Drives the Need for IT Governance

By Ed McKinley

'IT governance' became a catch phrase when carriers were scrambling to comply with new government rules. Now, the concept's benefits are coming into focus.

Islands of Agreement

By Pat Speer, Editor-In-Chief

Industry factions agree that working together toward a consistent, common goal has merit. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the standards we help create and use—voluntarily.

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