Pitney Bowes Analytics Series

Effective Trigger Based Marketing Strategies

Marketers are now deploying new “event-trigger” based marketing strategies that capitalize upon optimal moments within the individual customers’ life cycle – and are seeing amazing results. Leading analysts indicate that event-triggered marketing can potentially save 80% of your direct mail budget – and drive response and conversion rates that are five times higher than that of traditional mass-marketing campaigns.

Register for this web seminar and you will also learn what experts are advising for defining your trigger marketing roadmap and how you can realize the benefits of adopting trigger based marketing within your own organization. Reaching your customers at the right time can make all the difference.

Customer Centric Marketing: Making the Move From Campaigns to Dialogue

“Blast” marketing strategies of the past are no longer sufficient to engage today’s customers and foster loyalty. Typical campaign response rates have plummeted while customer opt-out rates have ascended, limiting your ability to converse with even your most valuable customers.

To the rescue, new automated dialogue strategies can engage today’s cross-channel customer and have a dramatic impact to satisfaction, retention and profitability.

Join this informative web cast where we will discuss the common challenges and share best practice approaches for making the move from traditional marketing campaigns to new 1:1 customer dialogues and lasting loyalty.

Latest Trends in Customer Analytics

Without a doubt, customer retention and cross-sell are top priorities in the minds of marketers. In the quest for customer loyalty and market share, it's about looking forward, not back.

This webinar discusses how organizations can take a forward-looking approach by applying advanced customer analytics to optimize retention programs, all while spending less money and using fewer resources.

You'll learn:

  • The importance of creating a consolidated view of the subscriber in reducing churn and increasing ARPU
  • Using analytics to unlock the value of data
  • Why many retention campaigns increase overall voluntary churn
  • The difference between predicting churn and predicting saveability
  • How to identify “Persuadables”, “Lost Causes”, “Sure Things” or “Sleeping Dogs”

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