IT and the Insurance Industry

An Information Agenda for Insurance and Financial Services

Aligning business needs with Information Technology remains an ongoing challenge, especially in the data-intensive world of insurance and financial services. With innovations such as cloud computing, virtualization, advanced analytics, in-memory database technology and other developments, companies can no longer succeed with a purely ad hoc approach to Information Management. Rather, an Information Agenda must be crafted in order to help maximize the value of IT investments.

Register for this Espresso Shot Webcast to learn how your company can design, implement and manage an Information Agenda. Attendees will learn:

  • Where to begin when designing an Information Agenda
  • How to identify high-value initiatives worthy of investment
  • Strategies for designing a long-term IT roadmap
  • How to reduce IT spending while increasing value

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Streamlining insurance business processes and creating an agile IT infrastructure with XML data management services

Electronic forms, service-oriented architectures, industry standards for data interchange, and IT modernization efforts are driving greater use of XML messaging and data formats in insurance firms. Effectively managing and integrating this data with existing information is critical for companies who want to streamline their business processes and create agile IT environments that can readily accommodate new business needs.

Learn how new data management technology can help you improve claims processing, expedite agent/broker self-service initiatives, enhance your business analysis activities, and create an agile information management infrastructure. In addition, learn where you can download free software to help you get started using this new technology with industry-standard ACORD XML messages.

Lou Agosta, Independent Industry Analyst
Cynthia M. Saracco, Sr. Solutions Architect, IBM

Lessons from the Field: A Successful Insurance MDM Implementation

There's no substitute for experience, especially when it comes to complex implementations of Master Data Management. That's why professionals interested in honing their MDM skills should register for this Espresso Shot Webcast in which the speaker will outline how a major Financial Services company designed and implemented such a solution.

Attendees will learn:

  • Why executive buy-in is critical for MDM
  • How to define a realistic, long-term vision
  • How to identify quick wins to get a project rolling
  • Pitfalls to avoid when putting a solution into production
  • Why multi-entity MDM requires a carefully constructed strategy
Speaker: Noel Garry, Information Agenda Senior Insurance Consultant, IBM

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