The cost of a data breach is going up, and quick responses can save savvy organizations.

The UK's departure from the EU highlights the importance for companies to maintain flexible, globalized IT operations to handle unforeseen events.

After a five-year high, a recently released J.D. Power study finds overall satisfaction with auto insurers has significantly dropped.

Insurers should increase their understanding of and investment in this particular section of the market, including thoughtful client segmentation, marketing efforts, and application of technology.

Allianz’s recent implementation of a blockchain-based CAT bond shows how the technology can build trust and accountability in an existing marketplace.

The predominant approach will be one in which startups coexist with, not replace, insurers.

Carriers are faced with more options than ever when it comes to housing and transmitting data, but a majority are switching to cloud.

Keeping the best employees engaged for decades is the goal of forward-thinking carriers.

New industry trends and tech ventures are presented in the language of disruption, but aren't a radical transformation of the insurance business.

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