Itís not often one gets a chance to revisit a past development effort, but itís just that kind of unique opportunity that makes oneís development life just a little bit sweeter.

Thereís no denying that there are a few exciting use cases of insurers truly leveraging big data, but itís still extremely limited.

Between now and the effective date of the merger, there will be a lot of planning focused on efficiencies and platform rationalization, cloud, SaaS, data management/stores, analytics and more.

To boost efficiencies and innovation, global insurers are expected to increase IT spend to more than $100 billion in 2015, but how does this forecast translate for the insurance world?

The combined company will have around $40 billion in annual revenues, which elevates it to a key global player and should allow for some economies of scale.

Experiment, but be careful of expensive, enterprise installations that are hard to extract later, and understand these types of projects can be more transient than other enterprise software.

Half of surveyed software developers don't feel they can work with the Internet of Things. Can insurers take the lead?

Each hurricane season puts CAT models to the test, with potentially billions of dollars riding on the accuracy of these models. The key to developing effective CAT modeled loss estimates is accurate, high-quality data.

INN is accepting nominations for our 10th annual Women in Insurance Leadership honors, and we want to hear from you.

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