Although access to markets is more readily available, consumers still seek advice and guidance from agents before making policy decisions.

Carriers should expect some agent skepticism whenever they announce the intent to modernize or replace their core systems, and proactively take steps to improve the acceptance.

There will always be a place for independent agents, but carriers will move forward with those that can leverage technology to provide ongoing value.

DARPA predictions include the possibility that devices or applications will be capable of being launched by human thoughts.

Insurers have never been in a better position to be able to tailor messages or offers to prospects based on their behavior.

Blockchain is likely to play a major role in the reshaping of insurance, but many carriers are still in learning mode.

Truly infusing an insurance organization with data-driven decision-making cannot start with hiring external employees and building stand-alone departments. It must start with frontline employees.

Several large insurers have been asked to rationalize their use of occupation in setting auto insurance rates, reports The Wall Street Journal.

Within companies transitioning to analytics-driven organizations, there are significant opportunities for frontline insurance professionals who can develop their data analytics knowledge and bring data-driven decision-making to their work and effectively collaborate with data scientists.

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