Insurers of all sizes are being forced to recognize and act on one of the greatest opportunities to date: to attract, source, train, develop and retain workers with skills in advanced computing.

The reality is the market for core system replacements is shrinking.

The challenge for insurance IT managers is to sell their workplaces and companies as cutting-edge opportunities for IT professionals.

VR can be leveraged to learn, travel, educate, and share experiences with others.

Many organizations, especially insurance companies, have been attempting to straddle the (little-D) "delta" between enormous stores of legacy assets and 2010s-era digital demands in recent years.

Teams that only look at time and budget inevitably end up with a significant backlog of functionality and tech debt that may or may not be funded and addressed.

Insurance technology is increasingly resembling that of the Amazons, Googles and Facebooks of the world – responsive, smart and adapting from sub-second to sub-second to changing realities.

With all the attention and funds now being poured into insurance industry innovation, software providers must help insurers “get ready" before it's too late.

The insurance industry has witnessed particular trends in innovation that highlight a unique claims approach.

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