Metlife’s goal was to use advanced analytics to manage liquidity and optimize the use of highly liquid assets.

Insurers have many options when it comes to marketing via the mobile channel, but the most underused is the art of texting.

Carriers will continue to invest in managing and analyzing both structured and unstructured data from telematics, wearables and weather, Celent predicts.

More insurers are treating data, business intelligence and analytics as a functional area of the business, resulting in increased technology investments and staffing.

AI may not be a perfect fit for insurance companies, at least not yet.

In a world in which insurers are considering using wearables like FitBit to validate claims data, apps like Pokemon GO offer the same information in much greater detail.

Opportunities arise for insurers to catch customers as Pokemon GO users wander into dangerous places.

Having a vision statement and defining the future state of each business process can greatly aid insurer's core replacement efforts.

Front office and back office apps need to talk to one another to make sure companies are able to win, serve, and retain customers.

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