As big data spreads to more core insurance operations, data scientists will increasingly rely on leaders in traditional insurance roles to identify areas where data analytics and expensive modeling tools can have the greatest impact on business outcomes.

The means used to mount the October 21 attack highlights vulnerabilities that insurers must recognize as they build their IoT plans and initiatives.

Women’s secret to success is in striking a balance between superior performance at work and the ability to network with influencers who can help you.

Companies that don't find incumbents to partner with them face a tough road.

For the first time, we have tangible evidence that insurers and their business partners are willing to do more than “talk the talk” regarding their ability to become a true, innovation-driven industry.

The challenge for insurance companies is that tech talent is a precious commodity, especially at a time when moving into the digital realm and exploiting data analytics is crucial to success.

The mix of vehicles with autonomous and semi-autonomous features, and the evolution of the artificial intelligence systems guiding the automation, mean insurers are in for a long period of change.

Broad-based organizational change isn’t easy, but an articulated sense of purpose gives insurers a powerful tool for driving through resistance to change.

It may be surprising that there was automated underwriting 25 years ago.

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