We've seen “consumerization” continue to sweep through organizations, brushing aside the older ways of managing IT shops.

Life insurance is so far behind that it is not even in the e-delivery race.

While few efforts at an insurer are more complex or time consuming as a core system replacement, a major BI initiative will eventually touch all aspects of an organization.

With IBM's acquisition of The Weather Company and its large insurance customer base, Watson analytics may be able to help assess weather risks days before things happen.

What most boards don’t have is a committee that focuses on what many now believe to be the most impactful company function of all – technology.

The message to insurers is strict and clear: one day the insurance industry will have its own Uber that comes in and disrupts the traditional insurance business model.

Two of the key tools of innovation can bridge the gap that exists in the download between insurers and agents: actual ideation and crowdsourcing.

Lately, CIOs have been overwhelmed by the big data tsunami, as stated in a recent report out of Experian.

While noting that his company is hiring from Google and Amazon in order to spend it's $153 million tech budget effectively, the industry overall, Wilson says, is far behind other sectors when it comes to technology innovation.

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