The claims process is where we deliver on the promise of being there for customers when they need us most. Here's how use technology to make it easy for customers to get their benefits as quickly as possible.

Understanding the benefits of outside-in thinking, insurers are finding ways to leverage tech firms and other innovators.

Once it becomes socially normal to have a personal relationship with an artifical intelligence, insurersí (and many other service industriesí) sales and service processes will change dramatically

We need your help in identifying the leading vendors who are helping your insurance organization take advantage of big data and analytics.

We now are seeing a resurgence of AI, a blending of machine learning, predictive modelling and cognitive computing along with self driving cars, which raises some rare and interesting opportunities.

We see unmanned aircraft systems ó commonly referred to as drones ó as a way to mitigate the current safety challenges for our adjusters who at times can be at risk for accidents or injuries.

Iím proud to announce the new insurancenetworking.com is live and ready to provide a better experience for all our readers, on any platform you choose to interact with us.

Managing the distribution channel requires discipline in a number of areas, and insurers face significant challenges in performing these tasks efficiently; here's a look at how carriers are looking to technology as a strategic differentiator.

The need to find alternative avenues for growth and for investment returns, combined with a fear of technology companies disrupting insurersí business models, has led to renewed interest.

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