That depends on the agent's depth of dealing with customers, say experts.

Enterprise architecture tends to be misunderstood and marginalized, but some insurance companies get it, and are leading examples for others.

Carriers need to find the optimal level of outsourcing for themselves. Balancing cost and capacity benefits against their own abilities to manage external providers is crucial.

Insurance administration systems have not fundamentally changed since their inception. This is about to change with the advent of Blockchain 2.0.

We’re not talking about C-3PO working in a call center. Robo-Advisors means improved analytics, better customer self-service.

Whether it be the Internet of Things, usage-based insurance, microinsurance, behavioral underwriting or more, the staid insurance industry is breaking out.

In the future, consumers will buy insurance from insurers not just for the indemnification or risk but for additional risk mitigation services.

Advancements in consumer technology have major implications for insurers, and the industry should keep its finger on the pulse.

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