Whatever a company’s stated purpose, well-designed end-to-end experiences are essential to bringing it to life operationally.

As some insurers cling to the classic “if ain’t broke, don’t fix it theory”, IT executives face added pressure to update core.

Remarks at a Monte Carlo conference indicate the search giant is looking again at the insurance industry.

As automation increases, it’s not that jobs will be entirely eliminated, it’s more likely that jobholders will see the nature of their tasks shift away from repetitive tasks and toward people-oriented tasks.

Seizing the opportunity will require new ways of thinking, radically different operating models and entirely new capabilities--especially in the realm of customer experience

Insurers are responding to the increased frequency and complexity of cyber threats by inadvertently putting higher security burdens on customers when they release new digital tools.

Insurers can benefit from a re-orienting of traditional markers of business success for the digital age.

Insurers of all sizes are being forced to recognize and act on one of the greatest opportunities to date: to attract, source, train, develop and retain workers with skills in advanced computing.

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