A likely repeal of the Affordable Care Act and adjustments to other regulations on the financial sector have insurers watching President Trump intently.

Getting to insurance digital excellence requires new ways of thinking as much as new technology.

Automation that enhances the agent experience and ultimately their selling and service capabilities is fundamental to enabling their success. But with so many potential areas to focus on, it can be challenging to know what to prioritize.

Insurance industry stakeholders are urged to think enhancement, not replacement, of human intelligence with AI implementations.

A recent study finds younger agents feel good about job security and their future economic prospects.

The pressure is on to go digital, but staffing and budget headwinds mean that tech leaders must think on their feet.

As the value propositions of connected cars and homes increase, so does the imperative for insurers to enter those ecosystems through alliances and standalone offers.

Insurers have set goals around the technology in an effort to simplify the customer experience and meet regulatory requirements.

Examples of insurance processes being automated through RPA include first notice of loss, fraud checking and policy renewal.

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