Ever since personal data was first discussed as having the potential for emerging as a new asset class at the World Economic Forum in 2011, capturing and incorporating personal data into the proposition design has been seen as a potential gold mine.

Combining the operations of two insurance giants likely would require months of research, as well as an increase in headcount and IT expenditures, at least in the short term.

Beyond encouraging a strong personal relationship with an underwriter, what can carriers do to build stronger connections with agents and grow their book? Celent surveyed a group of agents to understand those areas most likely to make a carrier the agentsí top choice.

Pair Programming and other Agile development methods are helping Allstate and others find the best route on their digital journeys.

Most of these advanced capabilities are being driven by a combination of five elements: analytics, data, digital channels, modern applications and innovative business practices.

There's still time to submit nominations for exemplary female executives at your insurance company,

In part one, we looked at the challenges and opportunities involved in rewriting a ten-year old application; here weíll focus on talent, customer expectations, and enhancements and maintenance.

Faster and more accurate claims processes, improved customer experience, and safer conditions for insurance staff will continue driving investment in drones.

The NAIC Executive (EX) Committee recently established the Cybersecurity (EX) Task Force to act as a focus point for cybersecurity insurance regulatory activities. The message is clear: there will be regulatory pressure to do something around cybersecurity.

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