Benjamin Moreland

Senior Analyst

Benjamin Moreland is a senior analyst in Celent's insurance practice, and can be reached at

Recent Stories From this Author

New Challenges Require a New Mindset for Insurance
September 11, 2012 Emerging technologies and the business changes they require upon implementation were the main topics of discussion at Celent's...

Customers are the Disruptive Force in Insurance
June 12, 2012 With the advent of self-service and social media, customers now own company brands.

The Impending Insurance Architect Crisis
March 26, 2012 The trickle-down consequences of increased outsourcing and reduced developer footprints could be a severe lack of in-house...

Emerging Technologies in Insurance
December 20, 2011 The industry's struggle to assess and implement the right technologies at the right time.

The Game Has Changed: Why Haven’t Insurance Companies Adjusted?
September 29, 2011 The insurance industry has come to call for rapid adaptation, yet core modernization methods remain antiquated within many...

Data, Data Everywhere and Not a Drop to Think
April 13, 2011 Insurers attempting to "boil the ocean" when developing a successful BI initiative will fail every time.

SOA Removes the Fog from Cloud
January 11, 2011 Cloud, technically speaking, may be a simple concept using existing technologies, but don't be fooled into thinking that's...

Is Your IT as Good as You Think It Is?
November 18, 2010 Many insurers think their IT departments can do as good of a job—or better—on a project than a vendor, but they may...

Like Doctors, Enterprise Architects Should Do No Harm
September 20, 2010 Enterprise architects should follow a similar mantra to the Hippocratic Oath, and strive not to leave a system in worse shape...

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