Catherine Stagg-Macey

Senior Analyst

Catherine Stagg-Macey is a senior analyst in Celent’s insurance practice and is based in the firm’s London office. Ms. Stagg-Macey's research focuses on IT strategy issues for the UK and European life and general insurance industries. Her recent research work has focused on the core insurance vendor landscape, IT spending, and innovation. Her consulting experience at Celent includes package selection for insurers and marketing reviews for vendors. Prior to joining Celent, Ms. Stagg-Macey was a senior consultant at ATOS KPMG Consulting in London and South Africa. In this role, she worked on the development of IT strategy and advised clients on outsourcing, data warehousing, and the selection of software packages. Previously Ms. Stagg-Macey was an internal strategy consultant for Marsh in London. She was responsible for delivering IT strategy and managing relationships with the European Management Board. She has also held project delivery roles at Marsh and Investec Bank Limited in South Africa. Ms. Stagg-Macey earned her BSC in Computer Science and Management from the University of Witwatersrand in South Africa.

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