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Craig Beattie is an analyst in Celent's insurance practice, and can be reached at

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Seeing Claims and Risks in 3D
February 4, 2015 Might HoloLens succeed where Google Glass didn’t?

The Efficiency CIO vs the Agility CIO
July 7, 2014 There is a role for both types of CIO, each organization has different priorities whether they’re an insurer, intermediary,...

Is the Insurance Industry Facing a Cyber-Cat? Thousands of Websites at Risk to Heartbleed Bug
April 10, 2014 The bug is believed to affect security of more than 50 percent of the Internet.

3 Technologies That Will Take Hold in Insurance in 2014
December 29, 2013 The year 2014 is expected to be something of a tipping point for established and new technologies to take hold in the...

Thoughts from Insurance Technology Congress 2013, London
October 3, 2013 There were discussions on the subjects of automating for the sake of automation and delivering smaller projects, as well as a...

The Product Configuration Dilemma
July 23, 2013 When insurers buy a new core system, they're not just buying the technology, they're buying an underlying model for how an...

New Gadgets and What They Could Mean for Insurers
April 11, 2013 Gadget Show Live shows off the technologies that will be defining major advancements in the year to come.

A New Data Mantra: Capture Everything
April 1, 2013 Most current data strategies weed out all data that doesn't point to a single end, but that may be selling the potential of...

Personal and Mobile Device Forecast for 2013
November 20, 2012 While 2012 offered a deluge of new devices and capabilities, the market, particularly for insurers and business users, is...

Apple still does laptops, Microsoft does tablets and Google does iOS Apps
July 16, 2012 Tech giants taking turns this Summer outlining the next several years of advancements.

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