Joe McKendrick

Joe McKendrick is an author, consultant, blogger and frequent INN contributor specializing in information technology.

Recent Stories From this Author

Predicting the Future Becomes Reality
September 23, 2014 A recent Big Data experiment showed 70 percent accuracy in predicting crime in certain locales. The implications go far beyond...

Mobile Device Management – Find That Middle Ground
September 22, 2014 There's a tug of war over BYOD, but neither those in favor nor those against should tug too hard.

Big Data Is Paying Off
September 17, 2014 Insurers are getting business benefit out of their big data projects, but these projects alone won't grow their business.

How to Attract Top Tech Talent
September 10, 2014 When it comes to rankings of the best places to work, insurers are few and far between. Here’s what those who make the lists...

The Buzz at Humana
September 3, 2014 Health insurer uses social networking to keep its 50,000 employees marching to the same beat.

A Cure for Analysis Paralysis
September 2, 2014 “Adaptive” analytics can help insurers keep up with the flood of real-time data.

The IT-Savvy 10%
August 27, 2014 IBM survey reveals best practices of IT leaders.

The Software-Defined Health Insurer: Radical But Realistic?
August 21, 2014 Can a tech startup digitally assemble the pieces of a comprehensive, employer-provided health plan?

Should You Back Up Enterprise Data to the Cloud?
August 17, 2014 Six questions that need to be asked before signing on with an outside service.

Social Networking Drops Off the Corporate Radar Screen ... Not
August 11, 2014 Social networking and its elusive ROI gets folded into something bigger.

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