Joe McKendrick

Joe McKendrick is an author, consultant, blogger and frequent INN contributor specializing in information technology.

Recent Stories From this Author

The Google Property/Casualty Company
June 30, 2014 Will the digital giants also become insurance giants?

Mobile that Matters
June 24, 2014 Mobile opens up new avenues of interaction with customers, as well as adding a new dimension to internal operations.

8 Ways to Bring Out the Social Side of IT
June 17, 2014 What IT leaders can do to mix it up with the rest of the business.

Do You Really Need a 'Data Lake' in Your Back Yard?
June 16, 2014 While it sounds like a marketing buzzword, data lakes offer an alternative to enterprise data warehouses.

The Insurance Industry's "Supply Chain"
June 11, 2014 Opening up the data pipeline means new opportunities for insurers.

10 Days or 10 Months? Pondering the Ideal Turnaround for IT Projects
June 4, 2014 Lately, the trend has been toward fast-and-furious delivery of solutions. Is there a downside?

Why Pay for an Album When You Can Just Buy a Song?
June 3, 2014 Is the disaggregation of insurance products inevitable?

For Insurers, the Mobile Revolution is Much More Than Smartphones
June 2, 2014 Sensors and devices are creating new approaches to premium billing.

14 Benchmarks on the Road to Becoming a Digital Insurer
May 29, 2014 A recent report identifies what it takes to make the transition to digital.

Should an Insurer Try to be More Like Google?
May 19, 2014 The insurance business is different from web properties, but they are providing lessons in rapid-fire innovation.


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