Joe McKendrick

Joe McKendrick is an author, consultant, blogger and frequent INN contributor specializing in information technology.

Recent Stories From this Author

Five Ways to a Positive User Experience
April 9, 2015 The user experience can make or break an application. Here are five ways to measure whether it’s positive or negative.

Will Self-Driving Cars Drive Insurers Out of Business?
April 2, 2015 The idea that auto accidents will be almost obsolete is a nice thought, but robots still make their share of mistakes -- all...

Why Insurers are Leading on Data and Analytics
March 30, 2015 A State Street survey finds insurance companies are more likely to be further along in becoming “data innovators” than their...

6 Ways to Develop a Productive IT-Business Dialog
March 25, 2015 Relationship management 101 for keeping IT and business on the same page.

Insurers Must Think About Internet of Things Like Their Customers
March 13, 2015 Only half of the devices in the IoT ecosystem will use keyboard-like input -- and insurers’ back-end systems have to be ready...

In the Big Data Era, Storage is More than 'Just' Hardware
March 6, 2015 For on-premises needs, the latest technologies, including flash, solid state drives, and in-memory computing offer new ways to...

Why You Can't Take a Wrecking Ball to Your Legacy System
March 3, 2015 If you think of enterprises like collections of neighborhoods that need to be nurtured, you quickly see that architecture, not...

6 Crucial Guidelines for Digital Insurers
February 24, 2015 Going digital isn’t just something that can be accomplished by decree. It takes finesse to keep everything in sync.

10 IT 'Truths' Undermined by Digital
February 18, 2015 Digital platforms are changing the way we look at data, applications, and the insularity of the insurance industry.

6 Steps To Improve Cybersecurity
February 5, 2015 Security, for all intents and purposes, should be a “crowdsourced” effort – everyone needs to contribute.

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