Bill Kenealy

Senior Editor

Bill Kenealy is a senior editor for Insurance Networking News.


Recent Stories From this Author

A Migration of Major Importance
March 9, 2012 Why insurers are increasingly pressured to toss their hats into the policy admin ring.

The Heartland Hullabaloo
February 19, 2012 Think tank Heartland Institute issues another hyperbolic statement, this time on leaked—and possibly fake—documents...

The FIO Fizzle
February 3, 2012 As a deadline passes, the Federal Insurance Office’s report on modernizing insurance regulation remains a no-show.

The Age of Data
January 20, 2012 Analytics is the becoming the technology du jour.

An Infinity of Risks
January 13, 2012 Persistent economic, social and environmental risks are conflating to menace insurers.

The FIO Has A Full Plate
December 16, 2011 After its first public event, the magnitude of the task facing the Federal Insurance Office becomes apparent.

The Low Interest Rate Conundrum
December 1, 2011 Life insurers need to craft mitigation strategies for a prolonged low-rate environment.

Malaise Forever
November 14, 2011 Insurers waiting for an end to the soft market will be waiting awhile.

Why Telematics Will Move the Industry
September 16, 2011 Real-time, location-based intelligence is transforming the way auto insurers operate.

It's Not About Al, Ara
June 10, 2011 Scientists and the insurance industry are wise to ponder the potential impact of climate change.

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