Ben DiSylvester

Recent Stories From this Author

7 Characteristics of Successful Companies
May 17, 2012 Between leadership, marketing and operational tactics, certain approaches and mindsets are needed to avoid the pitfalls of the...

5-Step Guide to Tackling Back Office Savings
February 10, 2012 Well-executed initiatives in the back office can deliver bottom-line savings, are you up to the task?

It's All About the Customer Experience
August 17, 2011 Rethinking marketing resource allocation and service-delivery functions to serve customers in light of a continuously shifting...

3 Must-Have Web Technologies for Insurers
December 9, 2010 Courier services and pizza places already have websites with robust sales and services features; insurers should, too.

2 Keys to Optimizing Web Portals
August 31, 2010 Insurers should ensure that the Web portals being used to simplify transactions with agents and customers don't make things...

Increase Accessibility and Process
May 12, 2010 As insurers expand accessibility for the customer and distribution systems, streamlining supporting processes becomes even...

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