Jamie Macgregor

Recent Stories From this Author

How to Look For a Chief Innovation Officer
August 20, 2013 There are several questions to answer before you begin looking for C-suite help when it comes to technology and innovation.

The Future of Technology in the Workplace
May 9, 2013 Celent’s first U.K. CIO Roundtable lends a varied discussion on the future of IT operations as well as engaging suppliers...

5 Management Lessons from Steve Jobs
February 14, 2013 Despite some of Jobs' more extreme eccentricities, his management skills offer sound advice for insurers striving to be...

Changing the Insurance Outlook for Young Drivers
August 20, 2012 How a start-up telematics insurer is allowing U.K. insurers to look at young drivers completely differently.

Mining Your Data From the Outside In
July 5, 2012 Some suggestions for seeking growth and profitability by matching external data sources with existing internal sources.

Planning for Generation Y
April 23, 2012 Customer engagement and why you need to start catering to the next wave of tech-savvy, demanding insurance consumers.

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