Justin Stephani

Associate Editor

Justin Stephani oversees content for INN's website and can be reached at 312-777-1378.

Recent Stories From this Author

Top 5 Trends For 2014 - Talent
January 6, 2014 As insurers undertake technology transformations, more are finding the competition for IT talent to be fierce.

3 Data Essentials for HIX-Participating Insurers
October 8, 2013 To compete in the health exchange marketplaces, health insurers are finding that effectively integrating and storing data,...

Securing Support for Customer Experience Investment
September 24, 2013 As consumers grow more demanding, insurers would do well to anticipate customer concerns and offer instruction on how to avoid...

2014: Emerging Technologies Could Reach Critical Mass
June 13, 2013 A watershed year is shaping up for insurers and their use of technology, and IT/business relations are more important than ever.

Frustration Sets in as Wait for Regulatory Rules Remains Indefinite
April 16, 2013 Insurers are unanimous in two things: They do not need SIFI oversight, and they are tired of waiting.

With SIFI Designations Due, Dual Regulation Could Become a Reality
March 22, 2013 Deloitte’s Howard Mills speaks on the FIO’s involvement and the regulatory precedent a SIFI designation would set in...

How Innovation is Derived from Counter-Intuitive Business Plans
September 13, 2012 Hear enough examples of companies employing technologies for reasons beyond serving the same old markets, and you begin to see...

Progressive and the Power of Social Networks
August 17, 2012 This week, the insurer found itself at the mercy of the Internet, leaving the industry to question its consumer-centric and...

FIO Moves Beyond Words
June 26, 2012 A cluttered regulatory environment leaves the FIO stepping on some toes, as dispute with USTR may be preventing the release of...

The Teaser Behind Telematics
March 15, 2012 Automakers’ recent move to incorporate smartphone hubs into production and the recent outcries against distracted driving...

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