Ara Trembly
Ara C. Trembly is the founder of Ara Trembly, The Tech Consultant and a longtime observer of technology in insurance and financial services.
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Without previous levels of investment return, the industry's IT stance remained conservative.
The industry continues to struggle with a bad economy and tough catastrophes, and technology will be asked to do more than ever, but at a reasonable price.
In the face of the NTSB's recommended ban, auto manufacturers are gung-ho about adding more connectivity in the car.
Insurers are skeptical about the cloud, but new developments could lend hope to a secure future.
As IT budgets begin to recover, storage and file recovery are hot items.
Potentially simpler interconnectivity and cheaper information dissemination processes could make insurers, and insureds' wallets, very happy.
Risks continue to outweigh the benefits when it comes to implementing technologies of convenience behind the wheel.
Despite pressure to upgrade and leave legacy systems behind, COBOL has remained not only relevant, but common among IT systems within the industry.
With a bearish market persisting, IT is expected to deliver miracles without the luxury of economic hardship as an excuse.
Recent suit filed in Sacramento should serve as a reminder that when it comes securing data, there is no room for error.
Some say social media can serve as a comfortable setting for learning and receiving encouragement from others suffering similar circumstances, but how can patients verify the information's integrity?
As technology evolves, it may be that smartphone-toting field personnel are capable of doing their job anytime, anywhere.

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