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Digitally Distracted Driving Continues to Increase

news: The upward trend in smartphone use while driving may be largely due to the fact that more drivers own smart phones, but there’s also variation in the activities distracting drivers.

MetLife Unveils New Life Insurance Field Underwriting Tool

news: The new offering is designed to provide a better client experience and more accurate rating class estimates.

81% of Companies Shifting Mission Critical Apps to Cloud

news: A Forrester Research survey found that cost savings is no longer the primary driver for leveraging cloud services.

Top 10 States for Thanksgiving Day Grease and Cooking Fires

photos: From 2009 to 2013, these states have seen the most cooking-related insurance claims during the holiday week. Texas, which led this list in previous years, has reported no Thanksgiving cooking-related fires since 2012.


Industry News

Former Massachusetts Insurance Commissioner Becomes Coverys COO

hr news: Joseph Murphy will take the reins of the malpractice insurers’ underwriting and risk management operations.

Hurricane Sandy Victims Allege Racketeering in Claims Review

news: By denying or underpaying claims, Wright mitigated its risk of facing a government audit and financial penalties for overpayment, according to the complaint.

Obamacare Data Inflation Prompts Health Chief to Demand Review

news: The health department acknowledged Nov. 20 that it had double-counted about 393,000 people in dental plans when it announced that 7.3 million Americans were enrolled in August.

Aflac US Operations President Teresa White on Healthcare Reform and Innovation

videos: Teresa White was named a 2014 Women in Insurance Leadership winner.



Aflac US Operations President Teresa White on Healthcare Reform and Innovation

UPDATE: Teresa White was named a 2014 Women in Insurance Leadership winner.

USAA SVP and Chief Actuary Alice Gannon to Retire

UPDATE: 2013 Women in Insurance Leadership winner to be replaced by Dan Pickens in January.

Winning Women

UPDATE: Congratulations to this year’s Women in Insurance Leadership award winners — a remarkable group of executives who excel at consensus-building as well as tech innovation.



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Statistically Speaking

Underwriters Share Tech Pain Points

Many industry reports say carriers are investing in underwriting technology, but will all of these investments benefit underwriters?


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Don’t Wrap Your Organization Too Tight With Metrics

Joe McKendrick
Metrics provide a picture of how business is going, and systems are performing. But do they provide the right picture?

Insurance: The Original Shared Economy

Lindsey O'Connell
Insurers should look to revisit the roots of the insurance process.

Can New Technology Turn Older Cars into Safer Cars?

Opal Perry
Unless you have the means and motivation to buy a new car every year, your newest car is quickly about to become an older car.

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The Internet of Things: Helping Insurers Make Better-Informed Decisions about Risk

Stephen Busateri
The IoT is a major game changer for the insurance industry, and will likely affect every part of the insurance value chain. After all, insurance is data-driven, and that’s exactly what the IoT can deliver—relevant, actionable, real-time data that can provide an accurate picture of what is being—or may be—insured.

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Aflac US Operations President Teresa White on Healthcare Reform and Innovation

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    Top 10 States - Thanksgiving Day Grease and Cooking Fires

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