Technology News

NICB Selects Social Intelligence Workbench

who's buying what: The social media analytics engine is intended to help combat workers’ compensation fraud.

Developing Talent for Large IT Projects

feature: Good program managers are hard to find. Here’s how organizations can attract and develop their own senior IT program-management talent.

Gleaner Life Insurance Society Selects StoneRiver

who's buying what: Life Portraits offers a straight-through processing application of illustrations to e-application and automated underwriting.


Industry News

Nearly 7 Million Might Enroll Outside HIX Open Enrollment

news: Despite open enrollment for Affordable Care Act plans not starting until November 15, a new report estimates that nearly 7 million adults may be able to enroll through special enrollment periods.

NICB Reports Drop in Number of Car Thefts

news: The Hot Wheels: America’s 10 Most Stolen Vehicles report reveals a 50-50 split between domestic and imported cars.

6 Rules to Improve Your Odds of Governance Success

feature: The VP of Strategy & Data Governance at TIAA-CREF shares ways to reduce the effort required to make data fit for use and ultimately integrate data governance into the operational DNA of the organization.



The Principal Financial Group Names CMO

UPDATE: Elizabeth Brady will manage branding, advertising, media relations, data analytics, research and business intelligence for the company.

Apply Mindfulness to Leadership

UPDATE: Managers can benefit from applying this theory both to their career aspirations as well as to interactions and expectations of staff.

10 Summer Must-Reads for Leaders

UPDATE: These books from the Society for Information Management's Regional Leadership Forum 2014 Book List are ideal for your summer reading list.

Industry Making Strides in Gender Diversity

UPDATE: Sixty-eight percent of respondents feel their companies are actively promoting gender diversity.



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Statistically Speaking

Underwriters Share Tech Pain Points

Many industry reports say carriers are investing in underwriting technology, but will all of these investments benefit underwriters?



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Data Governance in Insurance Carriers

Karlyn Carnahan
As the insurance industry moves into a more data-centric world, data governance becomes more critical for ensuring the data is consistent, reliable and usable for analysis.

Should You Back Up Enterprise Data to the Cloud?

Joe McKendrick
Six questions that need to be asked before signing on with an outside service.

Sponsor Blogs

The Internet of Things: Helping Insurers Make Better-Informed Decisions about Risk

Stephen Busateri
The IoT is a major game changer for the insurance industry, and will likely affect every part of the insurance value chain. After all, insurance is data-driven, and that’s exactly what the IoT can deliver—relevant, actionable, real-time data that can provide an accurate picture of what is being—or may be—insured.

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