Technology News

Technical Difficulties Plague ACA Satisfaction

news: Many consumers find health care websites tough to navigate and are not satisfied overall, says J.D. Power survey.

Dryden Mutual Rolls Out ISCS’s SurePower Innovation

who's buying what: Property and liability insurer replaces an outdated legacy policy, claims and billing management system.

Achieving success in large, complex software projects

news: Using cross-functional teams to break down silos improves the chances of success when building highly complicated systems.


Industry News

ISO Partners With IDT911

ma alliances: The alliance is established to help analyze cyber risks for small and midsize businesses.

Health Insurers to Refocus Marketing Efforts to Reach Uninsured

news: As media interest in health insurance exchanges decreases over time, the insurance industry will need to develop more effective communications to reach the uninsured.

New York HIX Insurers Seek Double-Digit Premium Increases

news: The rate increase proposals from the six most popular insurance plans on the New York state health insurance exchange represent only what the insurers would like to see, and state officials can still mandate insurers accept lower premiums than those requested.



10 Summer Must-Reads for Leaders

UPDATE: These books from the Society for Information Management's Regional Leadership Forum 2014 Book List are ideal for your summer reading list.

Industry Making Strides in Gender Diversity

UPDATE: Sixty-eight percent of respondents feel their companies are actively promoting gender diversity.

Defining Your Passion

UPDATE: Insurers at the Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation’s Women in Insurance meeting describe a unique defining moment that lead them to realize and act on their professional passion.

4 Insurers Named as Best Companies for Multicultural Women

UPDATE: Allstate Insurance and three others land on Working Mother Magazine’s Best Companies for Multicultural Women list.



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Statistically Speaking

What Mobile Strategy?

Half of the financial services firms responding to a recent survey, 17 percent of which were insurance companies, said they have no mobile strategy of any kind.



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Too Much Manual Effort is a Show Stopper

Angelyn Treutel Zeringue
Examining the administrative burden of doing business in the E&S market.

Becoming a 24/7 Insurer

Howard Mills
Insurers should be in the business of making life safer and better for consumers all the time.

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Putting Your Investments Where Your Transformation Is

Sam Medina
Sam Medina begins a 3-part series on Transforming the IT Investment Budget in order to fund new programs and initiatives without the necessity of additional capital expense.

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