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$76 Billion in Premium at Risk from Emerging Tech

news: Connected cars, the shared economy and other emerging trends will redefine insurance products and create new opportunities for those willing to embrace change, according to research from Strategy Meets Action.

400,000 Insurance Pros Needed By 2020

hr news: A looming labor shortage in insurance has led several industry players to launch a campaign to increase the sector's visibility and desirability while promoting science, technology, engineering and math.

NAIC Tackles Insurers’ Cybersecurity

news: The regulatory group has established a task force to evaluate the insurance industry’s skill at protecting sensitive customer data.

Hawaii exchange head speaks candidly on HIX value proposition

feature: For exchanges to be successful, their value proposition must be built around “human need,” says CEO Jeffrey M. Kissel; most failed on initial rollout because leaders expected to flip a switch and for everything to work.

How Uber Found The Perfect Insurance Partner: Metromile

ma alliances: Metromile CEO talks to INN about the challenges and opportunities of the carrier's deal to provide per-mile insurance coverage to Uber ride-sharing drivers.

Nearly 90% of Insurers Find Technology Taxing Resources

news: Inadequate systems outranked talent and capital resources in a Towers Watson poll of insurer pain points.


Industry News

Premiums Rise 41% After a Single Claim, Study Says

news: After a single auto insurance claim of $2,000 or more, drivers can expect their premiums to rise by two-fifths, according to a study by, an insurance aggregator and consumer information company. According to the results of the annual survey, the national average premium increase of 41 percent is three percentage points higher than last year’s average of 38 percent. Drivers who make a second claim pay 93 percent more than a driver with no claims. ...

Size Matters in Bermuda as Reinsurance Deals Heat Up: Real M&A

ma alliances: Potential targets include Montpelier Re Holdings Ltd. and Aspen Insurance Holdings Ltd., which last year rebuffed takeover advances from Endurance Specialty Holdings.

Sandy Insurance Issues Said Focus of New York Criminal Probe

news: New York homeowners have filed at least three lawsuits in federal court accusing the insurers of scheming with engineering firms, and others involved in handling claims to deny or reduce damage payouts.

Hamilton Appoints CEO of Sportscover Underwriting

hr news: Dermont O’Donohoe will lead Hamilton’s Sportscover Underwriting, which is to be renamed Hamilton Underwriting, helping the insurer execute on its international business strategy.

Cigna to Acquire QualCare Alliance Networks

ma alliances: Health insurer says move reinforces its commitment to being a partner of choice to healthcare professionals and hospital systems.



How AEGIS Insurance Automated its Underwriting Workflow

UPDATE: With two previous attempts behind it, a well-known IT consultant explains how specialty insurer AEGIS was able to deploy Pegasystems and revamp its entire underwriting process.

Top Moments from INN's 9th Women in Insurance Leadership Forum

UPDATE: INN celebrated its Women in Insurance Leadership award winners at a celebration in Chicago on October 20 and 21.

Aflac US Operations President Teresa White on Healthcare Reform and Innovation

UPDATE: Teresa White was named a 2014 Women in Insurance Leadership winner.



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Statistically Speaking

Underwriters Share Tech Pain Points

Many industry reports say carriers are investing in underwriting technology, but will all of these investments benefit underwriters?


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The Start of a New Era: Digital Retailers and Insurance

Juan Mazzini
Insurers from all around the world are making great efforts to become digital.

Driving Growth Through Distribution Management

Karlyn Carnahan
In the current hyper-competitive marketplace, many carriers are focusing on improving their distribution practices as a key technique for driving growth.

Google and Insurance: One Year Later

Denise Garth
Google is getting the approval for selling insurance on their compare site in a large number of states via a number of different insurance partners.

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The Internet of Things: Helping Insurers Make Better-Informed Decisions about Risk

Stephen Busateri
The IoT is a major game changer for the insurance industry, and will likely affect every part of the insurance value chain. After all, insurance is data-driven, and that’s exactly what the IoT can deliver—relevant, actionable, real-time data that can provide an accurate picture of what is being—or may be—insured.

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