Technology News

Coping With The Compliance Squeeze

feature: Easing the regulatory burden is the happy by-product of many core system upgrades.

Running Your Company at Two Speeds

feature: Digital competition may dictate a new organizational architecture in which emerging digital processes coexist with traditional ones.

New Survey Detects Anxiety about the Future of U.S. Healthcare System

news: Minority of consumers and administrators think the system is on the right track.

ABD Insurance Mobile-Empowers Producers in 60 Days

news: New technology from Vlocity enables Silicon Valley broker to quickly connect a Salesforce front-end to its Vertafore back-end.

Enterprise Mobility to Top CIO Agendas in 2015

news: A new report from technology research and advisory firm Ovum identifies the five key trends, from ongoing differences between employers and employees to increased demand among SMEs for mobility.


Industry News

Fireman’s Fund Brand Fades After Surviving 1906 Earthquake, AmEx

ma alliances: A timeline of an iconic insurance brand.

Deere to Sell Crop Insurance Unit to Farmers Mutual Hail

ma alliances: The West Des Moines, Iowa-based buyer, which was founded in 1893, is counting on more demand as farm production expands to meet the needs of a growing population.

XL, Catlin in Merger Talks

ma alliances: Current rivals in the global P&C market could create a $12 billion underwriting giant if the proposed deal comes to fruition.



How AEGIS Insurance Automated its Underwriting Workflow

UPDATE: With two previous attempts behind it, a well-known IT consultant explains how specialty insurer AEGIS was able to deploy Pegasystems and revamp its entire underwriting process.

Top Moments from INN's 9th Women in Insurance Leadership Forum

UPDATE: INN celebrated its Women in Insurance Leadership award winners at a celebration in Chicago on October 20 and 21.

Aflac US Operations President Teresa White on Healthcare Reform and Innovation

UPDATE: Teresa White was named a 2014 Women in Insurance Leadership winner.



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Statistically Speaking

Underwriters Share Tech Pain Points

Many industry reports say carriers are investing in underwriting technology, but will all of these investments benefit underwriters?


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It’s Okay to Take a Breather from the Technology Maelstrom

Joe McKendrick
Even in technology, good things may take time.

Insurance Wake-Up Call: Embrace the Shared Economy Opportunities

Denise Garth
SMA believes that insurers must embrace a "shared economy," crowdsourcing and open innovation to get ahead in the new marketplace.

The Lion and the Mouse: Start-ups Pitch to Top Insurer

Mike Fitzgerald
Insurers should be on the lookout for innovative partnership arrangements that produce unique and valuable solutions.

Sponsor Blogs

The Internet of Things: Helping Insurers Make Better-Informed Decisions about Risk

Stephen Busateri
The IoT is a major game changer for the insurance industry, and will likely affect every part of the insurance value chain. After all, insurance is data-driven, and that’s exactly what the IoT can deliver—relevant, actionable, real-time data that can provide an accurate picture of what is being—or may be—insured.

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Aflac US Operations President Teresa White on Healthcare Reform and Innovation

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    25 Must-Reads for IT Leaders in 2015

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