Technology News

How Encompass Increased New Business Submissions by 15% and Full Quotes by 30%

feature: Insurer deploys new software to re-engineer its point-of-sale system.

Software-Defined Everything

blog: What does it take to virtualize all the key components in your data center?

Mobile Now Mission Critical

news: Forrester Research finds apps are helping insurers increase revenues, decrease loss expenses and reduce risk.


Industry News

Obamacare Architect Knew Exactly What Was Coming: Megan McArdle

feature: By limiting subsidies to the state exchanges, the government was providing the incentive needed to get all 50 states and the District of Columbia to go ahead and create those exchanges.

Behind The Rise of the Chief Data Officer

feature: CDOs will become universal as organizations realize that big data is too specialized and too much of a responsibility for the CIO or CTO.

InVEST Awards 70 Academic Student Scholarships

hr news: The financial literacy program attracts talent to insurance industry; offers students a business curriculum that teaches the dynamics of insurance agencies and companies.



Apply Mindfulness to Leadership

UPDATE: Managers can benefit from applying this theory both to their career aspirations as well as to interactions and expectations of staff.

10 Summer Must-Reads for Leaders

UPDATE: These books from the Society for Information Management's Regional Leadership Forum 2014 Book List are ideal for your summer reading list.

Industry Making Strides in Gender Diversity

UPDATE: Sixty-eight percent of respondents feel their companies are actively promoting gender diversity.

Defining Your Passion

UPDATE: Insurers at the Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation’s Women in Insurance meeting describe a unique defining moment that lead them to realize and act on their professional passion.



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Statistically Speaking

Underwriters Share Tech Pain Points

Many industry reports say carriers are investing in underwriting technology, but will all of these investments benefit underwriters?



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On Thanking the Regulator … Really

Roger Bickmore
The Financial Conduct Authority is demanding higher standards of consumer protection from insurers, which could lead to greater customer engagement and understanding.

Competing with the Coasts for Tech Talent

Joe McKendrick
Are heartland-based insurers at a recruiting disadvantage for tech skills?

Sponsor Blogs

Putting Your Investments Where Your Transformation Is

Sam Medina
Sam Medina begins a 3-part series on Transforming the IT Investment Budget in order to fund new programs and initiatives without the necessity of additional capital expense.

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